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Our impromptu-not-really-a-maternity-shoot shoot

I have a problem being in highly choreographed photos. I normally come out looking like a confused animal in a cage. In fact, we didn’t have any portraits taken during our wedding. 314 more words


30 weeks

Due date:  September 18

Size: size of a zucchini, between 15.2 and 16.7 inches and between 2.5 and 3.8 pounds

How far along:  30 weeks. holy cow!  228 more words


Baby Striclyn III: Week 30

How far along are you?  30 weeks!  It’s crazy to think that I only have 10 weeks left!!

What’s new with baby this week?  Really we should be saying, what’s new with baby this MONTH–you know, since I’ve only been updating every 5 weeks. 803 more words

Baby Striclyn


Well it was beyond disgustingly hot this weekend (and continues into this week). Seriously Arizona… not cool. It hit 118. Do you know what happens when it gets that hot? 650 more words


30 weeks - baby #2

OH EM GEE! 30 weeks??!! Trying to wrap my head around that. Realistically thinking… our c-section would be scheduled in 9 weeks. If this baby comes earlier, which I’m nervous about since she’s definitely head down and my water broke at 38 weeks last time with a breech baby and I wasn’t dialated, we are looking at possibly less than 2 months. 628 more words


30 Weeks

This may be a short blog entry, as my pregnancy hasn’t changed all that much! In fact, I have been called “boring” twice by my doctors. 359 more words


Pregnancy Update

Today marks the 30th week of my pregnancy, 30! I cant believe how quickly its gone so far, now there is officially 10 weeks left to go until D-day! 390 more words