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The scary edit. 

So this week shit GOT REAL! We have been ever so lucky throughout this pregnancy whereby (touch wood) I haven’t been poorly, babe seems to be growing nicely and everything has been a OK. 562 more words

bumpdate: 30 weeks!

Well, hello 30 weeks! I can’t believe we’re in the 10-week countdown. In just 7 weeks, our girl will be full-term, and it’s just a guessing game from there on out when she could make her debut!  443 more words

Motherhood & Maternity

Preggo - 30 weeks

I am thrilled that I’ve made it to 30 weeks! Only 10 more weeks, plus or minus, until I get to meet the little man and I am overjoyed. 1,263 more words


The Week That Was... The Canteloupe Melon!

30 weeks pregnant and baby is the size of a Canteloupe Melon. How exotic.

I haven’t felt quite so exotic, what with heartburn, shortness of breath when I’m doing nothing more exertive than sitting in a chair, chafing thighs and painful hips. 576 more words


Right now. 

My name is Summer, I’m 27, 30 weeks pregnant with my second child, and frankly I have a lot to say.

I wanted to open up a space where I could come and just spill my guts. 115 more words

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30 weeks

And teething like a motherfucker.

Still no teeth in this girl’s head or hair on her head. Not surprising given that I was bald until I was about 2. 134 more words


32 weeks

This is baby girl and I at 32 weeks. From now until delivery, my husband will be taking a photo of my growing baby belly. Despite this ultra developed ** 136 more words

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