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30 weeks and so busy!

we hit the big 3-0 today! only 10 (i hope) weeks left… it’s really flying by.

the past 2 weeks have been so busy! i had my glucose test done at my last midwife appt (2 weeks ago), took the a week to get my results, even though they told me they’d have them within 24 hrs. 1,143 more words

This little girl in my tummy

This morning I was in the shower and I was listening to my music – John Mayer came on and I was singing away. I can’t really be sure why I was in such a good mood on a Monday morning but let’s put it down to Mondays now being pretty bearable thanks to Game of Thrones! 561 more words

Inside My Head

The Truth About Pregnancy

I’m officially 30 weeks pregnant; how crazy is that? When people tell you “time flies” when you’re pregnant, they’re not kidding… How did we get here? 381 more words


30 Week Pregnancy Update

TIME. IS. FLYING! I can hardly believe that I am well into my third trimester… crazy!

This whole third trimester thing has been interesting for me! 626 more words


Bump Date | Week 30

30 Weeks! OMG! How did I get here? We’re almost into single figures! What is this madness? 🙃 I’ve turned into abit of weirdo I’m am obsessed with her nursery I open the door every morning it’s my favourite place to come and sit now I can’t wait to get her rocking chair in and actually have a place to sit down ill probably never leave I’ll be sleeping in her cot soon 😂 I’ve been busy buying everything for our hospital bags & we’re getting there slowly but surely it’s so exciting that in a few months time I’ll be using that bag! 161 more words


Back to earth with a bang. 

So again it’s been a while between posts, this time however it’s been due to pregnancy nasties.

As I said in my last post we all enjoyed a lovely chilled Easter, it did however mean karma dictated the following week and a bit have been poo! 127 more words


Pregnancy Tuesday: Sonograms, glucose test and 3D/4D imaging

My 1st Sonogram :
After my colposcopy, my doctor said that I could schedule my first sonogram anytime after. The colposcopy doesn’t affect the results of the sonogram. 1,404 more words

Pregnancy Tuesday