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30 Week Bump Update

*I was 30 weeks at the time I wrote this post, but now I’m at 32 weeks so I have some catching up to do! Nothing much has changed minus her size (which is currently at the size of a cabbage), and that my back soreness has only increased..we are down to a single digit countdown with only 8 more weeks to go until her due date and 4 more weeks of work until I take maternity leave!  695 more words

The Mini Apartment

30 kg at 30 weeks: pregnancy joys

The third trimester brings with it many delights like Braxton Hicks (contractions); return to heightened smells and taste like in the first trimester; muscle cramps in the legs; frequent visits to the midwife, GP, psychiatrist and other carers; increased tiredness and difficulty moving around… 298 more words


Too much sleep

It’s one of those days when you sleep in too long. That means my mood is cranky I feel unmotivated to do anything other than sit on the couch and I definitely do not feel like writing. 265 more words


Baby #3 30 Weeks

Baby girl,

Holy smokes, 30 weeks! This feels like a big milestone. I can officially count down the weeks on my fingers now and 10 weeks to go doesn’t feel like very long, especially as I think about everything coming up in the next 10 weeks! 630 more words

Pregnancy Updates

Week 30

I feel very big and tired often but really excited to hit the 30 week mark. We went to Baahubali part II with parents one day shy of week 30 and both the babies were kicking a lot during the loud war scenes. 185 more words


* 30 weeks *

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!!

Mine wasn’t that good, as a matter of fact, a whole week was crap. I can honestly say that It was the worst in my whole pregnancy. 603 more words


30 week bump update!

How far along?

30 weeks! eeeeek!!

How big is Bean?

Bean weighs more than 3 pounds… That’s like half his birth weight, which means we still have a lot of growing to go (where is that all going to fit??!!) He is also about 15.5 inches long! 1,110 more words