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30 weeks pregnancy - DVT...

This was a bad fortnight. I was diagnosed with a DVT (blood clot) in my calf. I thought my calf had been a bit sore for a few days but just put it down to a strain because of the pregnancy, but when I mentioned it to my Midwife at my appointment she was concerned. 303 more words


30 Confessions at 30 Weeks...

Bloody hell! 30 weeks, where has that time gone?

In some ways it feels like I’ve been up the duff forever but in other ways I still feel like I’m easing into it! 455 more words


I Have How Many Weeks Left???

(Make sure you click to see the beautiful photo Jacob took of me as my budding photographer)

I honest to God can not believe that I only have TEN WEEKS LEFT until this baby comes!  172 more words

30 weeks and a comparison

Since this blog is more for me then anyone else, this post is going to be similar to my 30 week post with Ada. I was super curious as to how many similarities we had going on from last time and as it turns out we are at almost EXACTLY the same place. 1,736 more words

Baby Bump

New Beginnings!

So it’s the start of 2018 and many fresh, exciting things are already underway. I can already feel the exhilaration of what’s to come!

Although I had meant to start my first blog post several months ago (twiddles thumbs innocently…), the last few months of 2017 have been packed with activity after activity, and thus what better time to get this up than now – at the start of 2018. 200 more words


New year, New Baby.

Okay, so this blog title is pretty self explanatory and I’m not sure that click bait has come to blogging yet so you know I’m not lying. 458 more words

Pregnancy: Weeks 28-31

I hit the 3rd trimester!!! Each milestone we pass makes me feel more and more at ease, besides the side effects that come with the third trimester.  844 more words