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30 week bump update!

How far along?

30 weeks! eeeeek!!

How big is Bean?

Bean weighs more than 3 pounds… That’s like half his birth weight, which means we still have a lot of growing to go (where is that all going to fit??!!) He is also about 15.5 inches long! 1,110 more words

Not how i thought Paddys Day would go down

Firstly, an update on Splash, as a few people have asked after him. He saw a cardiologist Monday who ran some bloods and performed an ultrasound. 692 more words

7 Month Baby Update

I am soooooo late writing this that she is almost 8 months now – oops! I’ll start off with some pictures from month 6 to 7: 882 more words


Behind the Bump: Edition 5

Well, here I am at 30 weeks.  The final trimester.  It is a bittersweet thing, I am very excited about meeting our baby boy in less than 10 weeks (or more depending on when he decides to come) but at the same time it seems like this pregnancy has flown by.   559 more words

Weeks 28-31 Update

Oh my, oh my.  How the third trimester has come and laid the boom on me.  It was like the power of suggestion of entering the 28th week alone was enough to make my body go into slo-mo.   248 more words


Third Trimester: Nearly there!!

I can’t believe how quickly time has gone! I’m already in my third trimester and the exciting yet scary ending into a new beginning is in sight. 867 more words

Bump Watch!

What on Earth goes in my Hospital Bag?

Firstly, make that THREE hospital bags. Yes, you heard us correctly. Three bags, packed as early as 30 weeks – after a friend went into labour very early, before packing her bag and before buying a car seat, you don’t want to be caught short. 1,777 more words