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The Date #1 That Never Happened

So my first experience on OkCupid at first seemed promising. Here’s a guy who has messaged me and seems super progressive and open minded. He’s an educator like me and wow he has the words… 248 more words

OkCupid--Here goes Online Dating

So being in San Francisco, and being a teacher, I can’t say that I meet many men. I’ve given the whole online dating app thing a go before–I used #Hinge, #Bumble and I just never seemed to find luck. 97 more words


For those of you that don’t know, I reached the BIG 3-0 milestone back in 2015 (*yikes* I’ll be 32 this year!), and I started to navigate into uncharted territory – dressing for my thirties. 160 more words


Forever Young

I received a text last night about another friend expecting a baby. I think that now officially moves the ratio of my friends closer to the motherhood side and I am the outlier . 247 more words

Nonsense Unicorn

Confidence Experiment

Back in 2008 (around 9 years ago now) I decided for whatever reason to start Video Blogging. This only ended up totalling 5 complete videos and I realise looking back on it now that I probably only really started doing it as a confidence boosting exercise for myself. 708 more words

3 Ways 30 Is The New 20!

I turned 31 this week. Do I feel any different? No. However, now that I have experienced 1 full year of being a 30-year-old woman I thought I would give some notable observations that I have made on how my 30’s (so far) seem to differ from my 20’s. 373 more words


I am a slut!  Meeting the French guy tonight and we will be doing the ‘bizness‘ (that’s what he calls it)!  We were texting today and I am going to his.   126 more words