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Amsterdam, my love.

Can you imagine the excitement of a mother who is flying to her favourite city for 48 hours? Take it and add to it a wife who hasn’t spoken properly with her husband in six months for preschooler interruptions, rocking baby motions and up-all-night-feeding tiredness. 1,090 more words

Turning 30

The Demonetization of Indian Education

Very recently, the Indian government announced a demonetization measure by removing 500 and 1000 rupee notes as legal tender, ostensibly to combat cash hoarding (black money) and counterfeiting (which was helping fund terror). 677 more words


30 Things I did When I was 30

So each year I create a bucket list of items I must do for the year. I have called them my Birthday Bucket List. Usually on the eve of my birthday or the day of, I look over my list and thank God for all that I was able to do. 366 more words


30 Songs

Ever since returning home from Norway, I haven’t been writing as much as usual. After spending 6 months in Europe, nothing I do ever seems important enough to blog about. 5,447 more words


A Month Of Meditation

A wise man once said:

“Sometimes I just sits and thinks,

and sometimes I just sits”

Now I don’t think that he was talking about meditation (actually I think he was talking about Winnie The Pooh) but he may as well have been. 1,350 more words



Bring the Natural Beauty of Our Home Accents into Your Home Decor Let your room become one with nature with the Natural Twigs Plant Stand. This decorative plant stand is the perfect pedestal to proudly display your favorite plant or new topiary. 53 more words

Friday Fun Facts #18

1. Well, it’s official. My blog is officially doTERRA Certified. What does this mean for you? It means I can be a little more direct when talking about essential oils, it means I can better serve and direct you when you have questions about essential oils, and it means (hopefully!) you’ll be seeing more blogs on essential oils and how my family uses them. 204 more words

Friday Fun Facts