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Day 7: My zodiac sign

I am a Gemini, and yes, I do think it fits my personality. Social interactions are pretty easy for me, which they always say about Gemini’s. 390 more words

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When I grow up...

There’s that question that children get asked from a young age- “what do you want to be when you grow up?”.

When asked at 5, I painted a picture of myself as a dentist. 728 more words

New page for Wellevate online dispensary

I’ve added a new page to this website. Wellevate is an online dispensary that I am eligible to offer you through my LMT license. You can order quality supplements, skin care products, personal care products, pet care products, essential oils, and more through me and receive a discount. 113 more words

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Day 6: 30 interesting facts about myself

Okay, 30 is a lot haha. I’m going to try.

1. My parents got my name from a documentary about an Irish Siamese-twin, of which the one named Eilish died. 913 more words


Day 5: A time you thought about ending your own life

This is a tough one for me. There have been times when I felt so lonely and hopeless that I thought about dying, but I only recently started to tell people about those times. 423 more words


Me and my moment with Mr Big!

Starting my writing journey towards turning 30 started a few posts ago..

Well before I turn 30 I wanted to do one impromptu thing that doesnt go to my regret list. 482 more words