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Protesting Perceptions

I believe that I saw this on Facebook. The truth of this makes me laugh. Enjoy!

Being Derivative and Writing

When I wrote my first kid’s movie I was told: write it like a it’s a Harry Potter knock off. I didn’t want to do that. 1,798 more words

The Year Of The Mask: President Two-Face

Our foe did not come only to destroy our things or our people. They came to desecrate our way of life. To foul our beliefs. Trample our freedom.

1,022 more words

"That's what marriage is for."

I tell my sister, “It’s about someone at the hospital.”

I know better, but I’m in the moment and rambling about the reasons I’m afraid to be alone because of a bunch of little triggers in this show. 339 more words

Episode 300: Momentous Moments

Northwestern Basketball comes off what is, by all accounts, the biggest win in the program’s history at Wisconsin. In our 300th episode, we look at that game and take a journey back throughout the timespan of the podcast. 140 more words