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30 For 30: Couch Blogging [#25]

25 Blog entries up, only 5 more to go.

This has been a fun ride with you guys. I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

It’s not over though, so I should stop talking like it is. 535 more words


30 For 30: Full-Blown Yak Status/Let's Take A Shot [#24]

It’s Sunday already? Feel like this trip is flying by.

Anyways, good afternoon to you all. Hopefully your weekend wasn’t too much of a blur and you have a general idea of the nonsense you got into. 494 more words


30 For 30: Beer Pong Dynasty [#23]

Last night I was busy creating a dynasty and was unable to get a blog post up. I am very sorry for that, but at least I have a good story. 260 more words


30 For 30: Is It Football Season Yet? [#20]

I’m struggling guys.

I keep telling myself that it will be okay, and that the next NFL season will be here before I know it. 224 more words


30 For 30: Kickin' Ass & Chewin Bubblegum [#19]

Some people have a case of the Mondays. Personally, I dislike Tuesday’s more than Monday just because Tuesday reminds me of how far away Friday is; whereas Monday I’m still thinking about what just happened. 372 more words


30 For 30: Just Tryna Function [#16]

Happy Friday everybody.

It feels like I’ve been waiting for all week for Friday, and now it’s here. About time.

Any other football fans start humming the Sunday Night Football theme when they read that? 343 more words


30 For 30: Birthday Boozin' Pt. 2 [#15]

I was tempted to simply leave this picture up and call it a post. I think that’s cheating though.

So as you may have guessed, that’s my roommate. 232 more words