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Double Dipping

Accomplishments was a last minute addition to the list, replacing run a cumulative 30 miles (a bit of a gimme category). And for the first accomplishment of 2018 – Kevin got promoted! 197 more words

Next Up...

We’re keeping track at home, but also on a new page on our blog – Progress. Currently it contains a running list of 6 (and after this, 7) items. 266 more words

It starts tomorrow!

The board is ready!

And Ruby is really excited. Almost as excited as we are! We modified the list a little, and the rules are almost all in place. 129 more words


Well, for starters, I should stop doing house projects so that we have some left for next year! Kevin is gone for work and I was left home alone, so naturally I went to Ace and bought some paint. 360 more words

'Tis the Season

for Lists!

Some other day I’ll figure out the interactive format for how we’re going to keep track of our progress through the 30 for 30 things (which should probably include a stop at Paper Source)… but for now, we’ve had a few ideas that I don’t want to forget! 326 more words

Getting the Party Started!


The blog is set up. The list is drafted. And, Ruby is excited! Or sleeping. She usually just alternates between the two.

Anyways – here we are. 388 more words

#WeBeLight: 30 Journaling Prompts for Reflection

What goes on #ScribeTribe??? It’s the first of the month, the beginning of the holiday season, one of our favorite times of the year, and a new chance to expect and receive new blessings. 826 more words