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Procrastinating or Daydreaming?

Procrastinate – to postpone one task in favour of another which is perceived as being easier or more pleasurable but less important or urgent…   413 more words
That's Life!

Challenge #13: Learn Calligraphy

I was taught to write in cursive while I was in primary school in the UK and I’ve always loved that I have that skill, but I’ve also wanted to develop it more. 105 more words


30 Day Poetry Challenge - Day 30

We made it!

This is officially the first time I have decided to join the 30 day poetry challenge for National Poetry Month and it has been a success! 93 more words

30 Day Poetry Challenge - Day 29

29 of 30

and in a single sleep cycle,
deep in a burrow of cheap blankets,
the world fell drunk
with winter’s soft seduction

springtime birds peck at nests… 30 more words

30 Day Poetry Challenge - Day 28

28 of 30

shattered snowflakes
melt between shivering blades of grass
as spring
comes tumbling from the sky
with a boisterous laugh
and the warm touch… 30 more words

30 Day Poetry Challenge - Day 27

27 of 30

the sharp proclamation
of a train streaming past
has long been a blanket for my heart

conjuring images of my childhood bedroom: 70 more words

The Countdown: 30 Poetry Prompts for the #NaPoWriMo2017

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth, Scribe Tribe!!! One of our most favorite times of the year, for the month of April, join us in our #30for30 challenge! We’d like to think that a poem day keeps writer’s block at bay, so we’re bringing you new prompts daily and poetic works for the entire month! 49 more words