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Day 4: 30 for 30 - Dinner and using your leftovers

I’ve stated my stance on meal prepping. I would rather cook to cover 2 days (3 at the most) instead of spending the entire day in the kitchen trying to cook for an entire week. 940 more words


Upcoming challenges

I’m enjoying keeping you all informed of the challenges I’ve completed so far. I hope you all are enjoying the reading. I love reading your comments and receiving your encouragement. 217 more words


Day 2: 30 for 30 - Simple Breakfast

This won’t be a long post as it’s just the 2nd day of this challenge. I’m still focusing on the food element, therefore the fitness aspect won’t come for a few more days. 246 more words


Challenge #2: Run the Army Ten-Miler

Okay, I know I already said that cycling for 30 miles was a challenge I didn’t think I could complete, but running the Army Ten-Miler was a challenge I really had doubts about. 401 more words


Challenge #23: Cycle for 30 miles

Dad and I with our tandem bicycle called The Tank!

Our route, 30 miles from Carlsbad to Solana Beach

Off to a roaring start with the challenges. 149 more words


Challenge #1: Plan a fun way to celebrate my birthday.

Challenge #1 doesn’t sound like a difficult one, but I’m not usually one for going crazy on my birthday. However, this year I celebrated for over a week! 255 more words


30 challenges for my 30th year

1. Plan a fun way to celebrate my birthday. Done! Celebrated from 9/22 to 10/1 :)

2. Run the army 10-miler. Done! Completed on 10/9 :) 174 more words