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30for30: Day Eleven

The Cosby Show | Being I was born in 1987, a full three years after Cliff, Clair and thuxtables existed, didn’t stop me from falling in love with the family comedy. 194 more words


30for30: Day Ten

Roc | Charles S. Dutton was Fox’s Roc, a loving, hot-headed garbage collector who lived a modest life with his wife, brother and father in Baltimore. 206 more words


30for30: Day Nine

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD | When the Marvel Cinematic Universe began, no one imagined how far its reach would stretch. Before the animated series and the Netflix sagas, ABC presented a little show that could with… 210 more words


30for30: Day Five & Six

Life With Bonnie | ABC championed this Bonnie Hunt-led comedy which was mostly improv. Hunt played a version of herself juggling home and family, with her duties as a talk show host. 300 more words


30for30: Pop Life - Day Four

Law & Order: Criminal Intent | These days Dick Wolf’s storied franchise has ballooned to include spin-offs of weaker series, and copycat specials (Here’s looking at you… 189 more words


30for30: Pop Life - Day Three

Golden Girls | I was in middle school when my best friend introduced me to Dorothy, Blanche, Rose & Sophia. The 80s comedy that ran for seven seasons found a whole new audience with airings on Lifetime. 271 more words


Challenge #30: Have A Spa Day

I intentionally selected this challenge to be my last one because I was going to have the spa day on my birthday. It was my birthday present (thanks Lauren!), however, I did it on Monday instead because I thought it would be a great way to relax after running the Army Ten-Miler this weekend and I was right! 56 more words