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Breakdown of Believeland

Believeland Review

Cleveland finally got their airtime a week ago, as ESPN continued its series known as 30 for 30. It chronicled the city’s rise and fall in the past fifty two years or so, as well as the performance (or lack thereof) by its professional sports franchises. 401 more words

NFL Season

30FOR30 Poetry Challenge: April 30

Week Five: Response
April 30th: Write a poem responding to this quote from Toni Morrison: “There is really nothing more to say – except why. But since why is difficult to handle, one must take refuge in how.” 82 more words


30FOR30 Poetry Challenge: Form Friday, April 29

Week Five: Response
April 29th: Write an Ars Poetica.

Today’s prompt is to write an ars poetica. An ars poetica is an exploration or composition of writing on the art of poetry or poetics. 295 more words


30FOR30 Poetry Challenge: April 28

Week Four: Social/Political
April 28th: Write a poem for Donald Trump.

Today’s prompt is to write a poem for Donald Trump. I have nothing more to say.  9 more words


27/30: spoliation, then resurrection

I’m standing on the balcony of a high rise, 21 stories, high. The sun licks my face like bright smoke I try to chase, but when I begin, my brain spins in typical fashion, and I become a boy in my head, again, remembering my dad’s childhood home, one story, high, ceilings low, eventually, bulldozed to the ground years after my grandpa passed. 466 more words


A little boy walks by the orange juice,
proceeds to shout “Dad! We NEED Orange Juice.”
A little boy walks up to me while
I confirm the integrity of the eggs, 367 more words

30FOR30 Poetry Challenge: April 27

Week Four: Social/Political
April 27th: Write a poem addressing one of the following genocides: Armenia (1915), The Holocaust (1933), Cambodia (1975), Rwanda (1990), Bosnia (1995), or Dafur (2003). 31 more words