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Shameless pics of my dog

I love my dog. After a stressful day of responsibilities, coming home to Lana and Danny are the best. We usually go on a walk together and then go about dinner and what not. 154 more words


Exercise 2. - Object in different positions in the frame

It was a gorgeous sunny day, beautiful soft light was coming through the window giving a nice contrast between the bright white walls, the window sill and the tiny flower pot, the background is fairly even and free from clutter, potentially good enough to be the subject for the next exercise. 676 more words


Valentine's Day

I never got around to posting photos of this past Valentine’s Day! I took pics and completely forgot! For shame.

Anyhow… Danny had class that day. 74 more words

Age of War Update!


An Age of War update is here! This update makes it easier to see the statistics and equipment all on one document. There will be a big change in future updates within the next few weeks!

Utopia is ready for play-testing!


Utopia is a land of skipping through meadows and decapitating your opponent’s head from his body. While the list of playable armies is very few at the moment, I will continue to work on growing the list. 173 more words