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United Raising Limit on Payments to Bumped Flyers to $10,000

DALLAS (AP) – United Airlines says it will raise the limit – to $10,000 – on payments to customers who give up seats on oversold flights. 103 more words


12 Nights of Yule-December 29th

It’s the tenth night of Yule and today I’m envisioning my favorite month of the year- October!

While everyone else is out boozing it up at Halloween parties, witches usually spend the night holding a Dumb Supper and honoring the dead. 410 more words

Esbats & Sabbats

The 31 Days of Halloween (2016): 10/29-10/31

At long last, I present the fifth and final week of the 31 Days of Halloween. Enjoy and look for a final wrap-up on the month coming soon, along with information and an update on the ongoing 2016 Horror Project. 1,643 more words

Halloween Spooktacular: Day Thirty-First [All Hallows' Eve]

Trick ‘r Treat, 2007
dir. Michael Dougherty

Of course, I could have ended my marathon any other way. This I think can be considered a modern classic in terms of Halloween movies, right? 169 more words

Film Review

Halloween Spooktacular: Day Thirty

Dagon, 2001
dir. Stuart Gordon

I would describe this film as a mix of Call of Cthulu, Temple of Doom, and The Fog, only less entertaining. 161 more words

Film Review

Halloween Spooktacular: Day Twenty-Nine

The Devil’s Backbone, 2001
dir. Guillermo Del Toro

I have to admit, I gave up on this film pretty early on. I watched most of it, but turned it off with maybe fifteen minutes left in the running time because I just couldn’t take it anymore. 58 more words

Film Review

Trick 'r Treat, (2007) G.O.A.T.

It’s time.

This is it folks, the most wonderful time of the year, the reason for the season, the greatest 24 hours on this god-forsaken rock hurling through space: it’s Halloween! 1,197 more words

31 Days Of Halloween