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A Letter To A Friend - The Art of Noticing "Real" Friends

Today is Day 22

Dear You,

I want to proclaim you, rejoice you, celebrate you and delight in you. Have you seen this series, here, this 31 Days, The Art of Noticing? 954 more words

Day 15: Family - How to Nurture our Most Important Relationships (part 1)

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Spouse matters

With 2 little ones still young at home, this is definitely a tough one at the moment around here. No wonder some marriages fail to flourish at around 7 years after tying the knot. 433 more words

31 Days Series

Me, me, me - The importance of self-esteem

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As stated before, there is nothing more important than your relationship with yourself as this will be the foundation for the rest of your relationships. 372 more words

31 Days Series

Day 12 on 13? Relationships

Yes! I skipped one day and I should have written Day 11 on 12 yesterday but well. I must admit I’m not in the best mood to write (or is it something to do with my topic for today? 150 more words

Crafty Projects For Children

Day 11: When Mind and Body Pull it off- How to stay tuned

To go step by step through the process of  nurturing mind and body might sound easy. But to put it all together implies great effort. How about some tips to keep the work up (and a bit of recap): 406 more words

31 Days Series

Day 10: Exercising well- How to squeeze a work-out in your schedule

If your curiousity brought you to this post, you are probably like so many people (including me), not finding the time to go to the gym or simply finding difficult the actual set up of a routine in which you free up a good hour a day within your already packed schedule. 410 more words

31 Days Series

Day 9: Sleeping well- Tips for energy restoration

You might have all the intention to get things done but without a good night sleep there is not much energy to do so. There is nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn (especially if all you can hear in plain daylight is squeaky voices, storytelling or mere spontaneous laughter as your everyday background noise). 447 more words

31 Days Series