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Xeoma 16.6.6 & 16.8.17 Beta

– Xeoma 16.6.6 & 16.8.17 Beta –

Xeoma is a webcam software that allows you to remote control your webcams, IP and Internet cameras. 403 more words


Machi - Final Words

So it has been quite the ride. But just as every story has a beginning, there must be an end too. And these eight persons have had their fair share of trouble: it was about time they got some rest. 925 more words


Machi - Friday over

So the third day is over, with a few surprises to go along with it. Perhaps the biggest one was seeing Umabe and Ushio’s scenarios end with a good two days to spare. 613 more words


How to fix it when Chromecast hopelessly buffers when playing from PC

The beauty of Chromecast is that it is an affordable gadget that will cast anything from your PC’s Chrome browser and from compatible apps in your smartphone. 297 more words


Skyrim Special Edition Great For Modders

Bethesda recently announced the Special Edition of Skyrim to be released on PC, Xbox, and Playstation at the E3 press conference.

The game will have things like enhanced visuals, such as lighting, depth of field, and water shaders. 188 more words


How Find My System is 64 bit or 32 Bit in Windows 10/8/7/xp?

Some time we will face a question Do you want 64 bit installation file or 32 bit installation file? Is your OS is 32 bit or 64 bit? 121 more words