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The Simplest Program

To get a good grasp on reverse engineering we need to learn to recognize high level programming structures in assembly langauge.  To do that we are going to create some programs and then look at them with a debugger. 428 more words


Oracle Secure Global Desktop

I had this error “Error – SGD Client” Failed to install the SGD Client; I’m using Ubuntu
I didn’t have that problem before; I already had 32 bit dependencies installed… 24 more words


An Ode to My Sad 32-Bit Laptop

While I enjoy sitting around in my room and relaxing with a face mask on just like many other ladies do, I tend to keep mine on while I play a few League of Legends matches or level up my Blood Elf mage in World of Warcraft. 167 more words

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64-bit and 32-bit

Today we are going to do a little discussion about the differences between a 32-bit machine and a 64-bit machine with x86 architecture.  The differences in the architectures have implications for how we go about exploiting programs. 3,215 more words


32-bit VS 64-bit

Bit adalah satuan yang mengindikasikan suatu data, terdiri dari dua nilai komputasi, yaitu 0 dan 1. Pada sistem komputer, jumlah bit dalam prosesor menunjukkan ukuran data yang digunakan untuk menyimpan informasi komputer. 251 more words

Keamanan Jaringan

Xeoma 16.8.17

– Xeoma 16.8.17 –

Xeoma is a webcam software that allows you to remote control your webcams, IP and Internet cameras.


OS:  Windows All… 377 more words


Machi - Final Words

So it has been quite the ride. But just as every story has a beginning, there must be an end too. And these eight persons have had their fair share of trouble: it was about time they got some rest. 925 more words