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Upgrading RAM in x86 (32-bit) OS

Where did my RAM go? When upgrading your RAM in a 32-bit (x86) operating system (OS), you might notice that only 4 GB (or lower) is used, no matter how much you’ve added. 93 more words

How To

Gaming HUDs


  • Head
  • Up
  • Display

There are 3 types of HUDs in games. Permeant, Action and Pull-Up

Permeant HUDs are a part of a HUD that you can see at all times during the game for example Map, ammo and mana. 93 more words

Oracle Secure Global Desktop

I had this error “Error – SGD Client” Failed to install the SGD Client; I’m using Ubuntu
I didn’t have that problem before; I already had 32 bit dependencies installed… 24 more words


An Ode to My Sad 32-Bit Laptop

While I enjoy sitting around in my room and relaxing with a face mask on just like many other ladies do, I tend to keep mine on while I play a few League of Legends matches or level up my Blood Elf mage in World of Warcraft. 167 more words

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64-bit and 32-bit

Today we are going to do a little discussion about the differences between a 32-bit machine and a 64-bit machine with x86 architecture.  The differences in the architectures have implications for how we go about exploiting programs. 3,215 more words