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Almost cheaters

The evening is colder than usual. The clouds are thick and they hang lower on the horizon; the atmosphere smells of incoming rain.

They are standing outside the building leaning against a grey wall, cigarette smoke looming over their heads. 573 more words



Let me tell you how my world became brighter and richer by having you around, because all I ever have are words and the time to write it down. 313 more words


Please don't

It was a warm night and I was 10. I made a fort out of my blanket and pillows. I hid from the world and I grasped both my shoulders and cried while shaking. 314 more words


Slow the f8ck down

hello po. anu po bng dpt kng gwin, kse ayw ni mama ung bf cu kse sbi nya pangit dw, walang pnag aralan, mukhang rapist. kse ung bf cu mhirap lng, pro kmi may kaya.

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32 Leaves

Or maybe you really didn't notice, maybe you just love me and that's the end of that.

I didn’t think you would notice, you were asleep when it happened. And you, I know you, babe, you’re the soundest sleeper in the face of the Earth. 314 more words



You moved your arms just ever so slightly, but it’s as if you might fly away and bring the whole world with you. I felt it, too, and I fell in love with you that day, and you never even knew.



Soul-numbing or calm
Tempered like a river’s flow
Your kiss a haiku

My hands under your shirt
Tracing your every inch
Like lyrics to a song… 79 more words