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33 Weeks Pregnant

I’m a little behind posting this!

Due Date: April 25, 2017

How far along: 33 weeks

Size of baby: A Stalk of Celery (17.2 inches and 4.19 pounds) 483 more words


33 Weeks + 6

I dreamt I was bleeding last night, like properly bleeding. It was so real, the dream day was so normal, OH was away (as he is) and I was sat on the sofa watching TV having put DS to bed. 254 more words


Week 33: S#!T is getting real!

Week 33:  We had a great visit with Fiancés Aunts and Uncle who came over to our house and spoiled us with some gifts. One of them was unable to attend the shower, and wanted to make sure she saw us showered us before the babe got here. 253 more words


33 Weeks + 5

More hip and knee pain last night. It’s a cruel twist of fate when everything else lines up to give you a perfect night’s sleep and your own body lets the side down. 180 more words


33 Weeks + 4

Second night of hip aches and pains last night, I think I was a little naïve thinking I’d avoided it all together though grateful I’ve kept it at bay this long. 86 more words


33 Weeks + 3

Typically, school day so DS decides to lie-in until 7!! I really wish he’d do these on a non-school day 🙄

For the first time my hips were causing me quite a bit of pain last night, nothing a pillow between my knees didn’t sort out but after I’d sorted that problem Peanut had decided it was time to shuffle up my torso and nestle uncomfortably beneath my ribs. 27 more words


33 Weeks + 2

No insomnia last night but DS didn’t sleep very well, if it’s not one thing it’s another huh?!

Busy family day today. Usual Sunday swimming in the morning then decided the weather was so horrific here in North Cornwall we’d go and visit the Eden Project to hopefully escape the worst and give us something to do plus making use of our locals pass. 151 more words