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Pregnancy Update: 33 Weeks & 34 Weeks

Combining my 33 and 34 weeks recap in one post. Phew! We’ve been busy recently. I had to transfer to another hospital due to some reasons and dealing with medical records, registration etc really took most of our time. 441 more words


Pregnancy Update | Week 33 and 34 

I feel as though every time I do a preganacy update I’m left wondering where has the time gone, yes it is a very cliche thing to say but I only have six more weeks to go until I am officially a mummy… 421 more words


prologue: 33 weeks

Sunday, August 30 to Saturday, September 5: upon return from the baby bachelor party Sunday evening, ej and Alex adjusted what we’ve all deemed to be the… 529 more words


33 weeks!!! 

Only 2 weeks until 35 weeks, that’s doable right? What sounds better is 34 weeks, that’s doable and only a week away. That’s actually our next goal. 309 more words

Triplet Pregnancy

Do I believe, or do I not?

Let the king of my heart be the mountain where I run, the fountain I drink from, oh He is my song!

You are good, good, good.

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33 Weeks- Perinatologist Appt

This morning we had our latest and greatest appointment with our perinatologist.  The last time we saw him was 6 weeks ago and our nugget’s growth was in the 53rd percentile.  266 more words


33 week bumpdate

How Far Along: 33 weeks and 6 days

Meds: All taken daily – prenatal vitamin, Omega 3 + DHA, Ranitidine (2x/day), Magnesium (250mg at bedtime as per my chiro’s recommendation), Gaviscon for heartburn as required (which is OFTEN!). 571 more words