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33 Weeks

How far along:  33 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  19 pounds

Maternity clothes: Yes, but I don’t even love maternity clothes. As soon as I get home I put on sweats or workout clothes.   574 more words

My First Pregnancy: Weeks 31 - 33

Well I really fell behind over the last few weeks, so here is a massive catch-up post. Things are not changing too much at this point in my pregnancy. 770 more words

First Pregnancy

Pregnancy Diary - 33 Weeks 

Yeah so I totally missed the 32 week pregnancy diary… A lot has actually happened since my 30 week pregnancy post so I figured I better post an update now at 33 weeks. 920 more words


33 Weeks

Size of baby: Durian fruit (not sure what this is) or a Cauliflower blossom

Symptoms: Overall feeling fine. Physically tired some days and I find when I’m constantly on my feet, I’ll get this sharp pain/pinch in one spot on my lower back.   808 more words

33 week pregnancy update

As of yesterday I am 33 weeks pregnant. Here’s a picture of my belly (and cat, Pooter). Everyone is saying that my stomach has gotten much bigger since last week, and looking at this picture, I think that might be true. 189 more words

33 Weeks pregnant.

Another uneventful week really, me and my son have been having fun in his first couple of weeks of his summer holiday, we have been painting, playing with play-dough and we have a trip to Thomas Land planned. 463 more words


33 week pregnancy update

What has happened?

Well, we did a bit of this again today:

Back in the hospital because of an unexpected bleed. But Pippin was doing ok, after the initial panic hubs and I were doing ok and I got to come home again within a couple of hours. 418 more words

Pregnancy Update