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Giant belly = engage me on any level you'd like

33 weeks pregnant. Seven weeks to go. Ish. Nothing like being pregnant in the Spring/Summer to showcase my pregnancy.

Temperature wise, I’m a hot sweaty pregnant lady. 472 more words


The bump chronicles #22: pelvis models, interesting massage techniques and weird tea

Weeks pregnant: 33
Baby size in fruit: 🍍

For the last week and a bit Mr O and I have been attending NCT antenatal classes where they teach you important things like how to know you’re in labour and how not to kill your baby within the first few weeks of its life. 585 more words


Bump Date | Week 33

33 Weeks! 😮 times ticking away luckily I’m pretty much sorted for everything baby related our hospital bags are 95% packed just waiting on a few more things to arrive then I will be doing a blog post on what I’ve packed 😊 I’m still feeling good although moving around is much more difficult these days & I definitely waddle 🙈 still 3 more weeks left at work 😩 it’s times like this I wish I had a desk job 2year olds are exhausting! 108 more words

Bump Dates

33 Weeks Pregnant (& why this week feels like a milestone)

So here I am, 33 weeks pregnant! I remember a few months ago when this time felt like it would never come. Not because I was impatient or eager for it to arrive (I wasn’t, I’ve needed the whole time to prepare myself mentally, physically and spiritually for this huge life change!), but because it just seemed so far away. 887 more words

Pregnancy Diaries

Ive been a bit poo. 

Sorry all even though I said I’d post more I haven’t done. Between the verocos veins (oh yes so attractive), sciatica, sore throat, blocked nose and lack of sleep I have been a bit of a mess in more ways than one! 87 more words


33 Weeks, 3 Days Update & Ob Check

How far along: 33 Weeks, 3 Days – Another week has flown on by and I can officially say that I’m having my little babes NEXT MONTH! 890 more words

Second Pregnancy

33 Weeks Ultra Sound

At least with all these tests I get to see your beautiful face, those pouty lips, and those kissable cheeks. <3 You are so handsome.

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