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Invisible Cage

she is clay
she is stardust wrapped
in constellations
she is inception
seeking purchase
in the warm brown earth

she is a scavenger bird
wings beating… 15 more words

Falling Word Fragments


I have never tried my hand at writing anything in 33 words, quite a few in 55 words, yes, but 33, none. So here is my first attempt, linked to…

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“Indian giver.”

That word always made Grandmother shrink. She’d say not one syllable, just hide inside her own skin.

Once, I asked why.

“We Indians give until there’s nothing left to take back.” 71 more words

Random Crud

#5/100: A Quick Slice

If you leave now, they’ll all know you did it, you’ll be guilty, they’ll never let you go, just stay put, wipe the sauce off your lip, there, I’ll deal with you later. 37 more words

Writing Challenges

Unbridledlogic: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TODAY (EVERYDAY)... a relist

{{{ 33 words… Estimated time to read 11 seconds }}}

Today is the only time in your life when you can make decisions, that you will not have to regret you made yesterday, when you wake up tomorrow.



3 times 33


micro fiction


-“We’ve got a spare ticket for Ginger Baker in Belfast, wanna come? We’ll give you a lift.”

-“That’s brilliant, cheers man!” He turned towards her. 92 more words

Strange Beauty

Monday 33 Worder - 'Last Rites'

Since the demise of Trifecta I am missing writing 33 word stories. I have decided I’m going to dedicate Mondays to writing one or more 33 worders. 53 more words

Flash Fiction