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some are better than others...

  1. The Digital Culturist is by far my favorite academic journal I have come across. It’s purpose is to inform and rebuild their viewers on digital culture itself and how technology is so far integrated into our lives we might as well get educated.
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Can you tell I am a Rick and Morty fan?

I chose this article from Alt Press for a few reasons. Although it is not their typical article it shows how broad of a spectrum a music magazine can cover. 180 more words

the feeling you get when...

Tinder is a foundation for most single millennials to swipe around and see if they can match with a potential partner whether it be for a night or a few its a blossoming platform. 260 more words

333 (digital Rhetoric)

digital what?

There are so many aspects of digital culture and the education spectrum that each of these articles highlight. The one thing they most definitely agree upon is that education is no longer stagnate, there must be a change of pace and utilization of resources around us to help mold a better and newer generation of learners. 13 more words

what digital humanities is to me

I think it encompasses so much. A definition is almost a waste of time in a sense because of how much progression is occurring without us even being conscious that its happening. 104 more words