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Crawling on the floor

Today we are off to story time. Story time (at least with my little one) involves crawling around on the floor a fair bit. So anything I wear has to stay securely covering my bottom! 102 more words

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Two in one

I just didn’t get to post yesterday. It was such a busy day! We went swimming and ran lots of errands. It was cold and raining again. 147 more words

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The First 1200

UAVSA announced this week that the FAA has granted a total of 1277 exemptions allowing for commercial drone use in U.S. airspace.  UAVSA performed an analysis of the first 500 approved applications, with some interesting results. 147 more words


Cold, grey Tuesday

Today it’s fairly cold and wet. Around us some towns and rivers are flooded. There was even a tornado a few hours from us. It’s definitely a day for layers. 54 more words

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Not in my 33 - base layers

One thing that is indispensable to me (and not in my 33) is a good stash of merino base layers. Personally I love IceBreaker but it’s about quality, not branding. 182 more words

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Sunday fun-day

Sunday was our family outing day this week. We try go out to do something all together at least once. Today we went to coffee and an adventure playground. 109 more words

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Easy sunny Saturday

Today it’s warm, really nice! I’m loving sitting next to the window in the winter sun while baby takes her nap. It almost feels like summer. 53 more words

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