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2015 A Year of Challenges?

The Challenge:

It is the 15th year in this century, and in Chaldean Numerology, the rules of numbers say that the number fifteen (when combined with “4s” and “8s”), can be associated with sinister and deceptive agendas and energies.   560 more words


V. Shnodgrate’s Class

When you are going north and everyone else is going south, you must draw three conclusions: One, you’re going the wrong way. Two, they’re going the wrong way. 324 more words

From The Professor's Life...

Piperade - Basque Red Peppers with Baked Eggs

This is not exactly traditional, as it is an all-red dish. Proper piperade is made with green peppers so that it resembles the colours of the Basque flag (red, green and white).  259 more words


Buttered Butterflied Chicken

Unless you have a rotisserie at home, chances are that the chicken you roast in a conventional oven results in perfectly cooked legs and dry breasts, or perfectly succulent breasts and semi-raw legs. 178 more words


Creamy Coleslaw

This salad is quick to prepare and tastes good right away – but it is better if it is left to stand for a couple of hours or overnight.   105 more words