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336:A Node Too Far

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#define pb push_back
#define sf(x) scanf(“%d”,&x)
#define MN 1234567
#define max 10000
#define all(water) (water.begin(),water.end());
#define fr(i,a,b) for(i=a;i<b;i++)
using namespace std;

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Spine #336: Dazed and Confused [1993] Dir. Richard Linklater

When is the best time to be alive? Whenever it is, it’s not now. As one of the high schoolers in Richard Linklater’s stunningly truthful… 1,238 more words

Coming Of Age


An astonishing array of numbers entered our lives this week. All the master numbers are in play… all of which are potential balance points, each with their own distinct vibrations and functions. 1,588 more words


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336 - A Pimple

Poem number 336
A Pimple
The whole world knows
A pimple grows
Upon my nose
It even shows
When daylight goes
(It strikes a pose… 18 more words


Word of the day #336


A person who belonged to a form of Protestantism that exsisted in the 1500’s and 1600’s. They lived to a strict adherence to the bible that was deemed pure.