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Writing A Song From Scratch: Part Two

So we return to writing a song from scratch!

And before we get any further, apologies for the terrible wind noise on the video. I was seduced by the architecture and the grandeur of the opening to the Suez Canal, and forgot to take into consideration the influence that a fresh sea breeze would have on our plucky little mobile phone mic.  841 more words

Writing A Song From Scratch: Part One

There are countless video blogs on Youtube discussing guitar playing and songwriting. I’m no authority on who leads the pack, but Sean Daniel’s blog is pretty sweet – informative, fun and with plenty of great music to enjoy. 424 more words

Music: Neal Visher - Merlin (Classical Acoustic Guitar)


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Time & Rhythm: A Two-Fisted Study in 3/4 Time

3/4 Time is more than three equivalent pulses strung together. 3/4 time defines a recurring pattern where the first of three pulses gets more emphasis than the second and third. 91 more words

Time & Rhythm