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Rise of Atriox, Issue #3 - Review

“Atriox looks to Decimus to find others who can help the Banished expand their tech and maintain their fleet as the number of Banished continues to grow. 2,621 more words


Lots of Halo love incoming for the Xbox One X

Lots of news arrived today for fans of Halo with much of it good for those who’re also picking themselves up a shiny new Xbox One X in the coming months. 192 more words


343 Industries Commits to Updating Halo : The Master Chief Collection

Halo fans everywhere rejoiced just a short while ago on the news that Bonnie Ross, Head of 343 Industries, had spoken about updating The Master Chief Collection during a live stream. 181 more words

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Why I Love Halo: Nightfall - Part 2

We left off last time with our motley crew of Sedrans and ONI operatives (sorry for the proper nouns, Randall!) making ready to deploy to the fragment of Installation 04, known as Alpha Shard. 12,666 more words


Why I Love Halo: Nightfall - Part 1

This one’s dedicated to Grim, who moved this right to the top of my ‘to-write’ list

Y’know, when Halo: Nightfall originally released, I, like many, wasn’t too sure what to make of it. 10,211 more words


Microsoft and 343i Bringing Halo to VR October 17th

Microsoft and 343i are bringing Halo to VR much sooner than anticipated it seems. Halo Recruit will be a short VR experience featuring characters from the Halo series in their environments. 113 more words

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Halo Wars 2: Awakening The Nightmare Now Available On Xbox One And Windows 10 PC

The hotly anticipated arrival of Halo Wars 2’s new expansion is finally here and with it, a new opportunity to take one of humanity’s oldest adversaries: The Flood.  315 more words

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