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The Rise & Fall of Halo Online

Halo Online… we barely knew ye. The game was a short-lived, free-to-play multiplayer PC game developed for the Russian market. The game was cancelled in 2016, yet it still existed due to the ElDewrito mod/plugin. 398 more words

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Halo 6 Announcement for E3 2018?

Halo is one of the Xbox’s flagship titles since the consoles launch back in 2001. Millions of copies have been sold. Dozens of books, comics, graphic novels, and short films have been made in the Halo universe, and each new title has been loved by many- and sometimes hated by many. 819 more words


Catch Up: Halo Wars 2

Just about everybody knows what Halo is. As the original Xbox’s biggest launch title, Halo: Combat Evolved revolutionised the first-person genre for video game consoles and kick-started one of the largest video game franchises ever, cementing itself as… 578 more words

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Is the Halo: The Master Chief Collection the Victim of Rushed Development?

When it comes to game development and a new console generation preparing for the release of a new console, it’s not uncommon to see games get rushed out of the door in order for fans to have a game to play. 1,151 more words

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Giveaway: Win A Digital Copy of Halo 5: Guardians (Rules Below)

Hey, whats going on my beautiful people lol. Thanks to all that have checked out my latest episode of my podcast, but today is all about the giveaway! 115 more words

343 Industries Provides Update on Master Chief Collection Development

Many Halo fans are impatiently awaiting details from 343 Industries on the updates coming to the Master Chief Collection.  Last we heard, we could expect the first of the updates some time in the Spring. 120 more words

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A woman is in charge of Halo

No, Cortana is not in control of a Halo Array Installation, I am in reference to the Corporate Vice President at Microsoft as well as the person who established and is in charge of 343 Studios, Bonnie Ross. 186 more words

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