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On the Organon, the Domain's Origins, and the Precursors

Another week, another new Halo release, another loaded topic of esoteric ancient era lore to talk about…

As if Mythos wasn’t enough, just earlier this week we saw the release of the new anthology novel, Halo: Fractures. 4,399 more words


Subtlety and Nuance - Reimagining Halo 5's Cortana

I can give (have given) you over forty thousand reasons why I abhor Cortana’s portrayal in Halo 5…

I scorn it because the writers’ dishonesty was disproportionate to their suggested story. 4,228 more words


343 Industries Makes it Clear that Halo has a Home Again on PC.

The above message has been found in the credits for Halo 5 Forge on PC / Windows 10.  The “Anvil’s Legacy” content update released yesterday bringing further updates to Halo 5 on Xbox One as well as Forge, Custom Games, and a Content Browser to Windows 10 PCs.  76 more words

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Halo 5: Guardians - Anvil's Legacy Update REQ Opening!

Halo 5: Guardians Anvil’s Legacy Update REQ Opening!

Click here for more details on Halo 5’s Anvil’s Legacy REQs and Content!


Halo 5 Anvil's Legacy REQs Preview - Tactical Magnum, Gunfighter Magnum, Hunter Cannons!

Preview of all the new REQs coming to Halo 5 with Anvil’s Legacy Update September 8th!

Halo 5 Anvil’s Legacy Preview Livestream


Dark Horse to Offer a "Halo" PAX Exclusive

Dark Horse and 343 Industries have announced a PAX West exclusive product: the PAX Exclusive 5” Halo Covenant Banshee Ultra replica. This limited-edition product will only be available at PAX West from September 2 to 5, 2016, in Seattle. 154 more words


Anvil's Legacy and Windows 10 apps coming soon for Halo 5

It looks like September is going to be another notable month for Halo 5: Guardians. Franchise overseer 343 Industries has been keeping themselves busy with not only more content for Xbox One players but also taking some impressive steps onto Windows 10 too. 294 more words