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343 Industries, it's time for a reflection on Dr. Halsey

You would think that with a blog with the name Halsey’s Journal would have a lot more articles dedicated to the doctor by now, but thus far I haven’t had anything to really talk about. 5,137 more words

Microsoft closes Lionhead Studios and Fable Legends is cancelled!

Matt and Alex react to Microsoft’s recent decision to close legendary British developer Lionhead games and cancel Fable Legends. Should Microsoft have shut down 343 industries, the mediocre Halo custodians instead?

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OPERATION: Spearpoint And New Leader Serina Coming To 'Halo Wars 2'

Halo Wars 2 is keeping pace with its monthly reveals and DLC drops with the latest campaign addition that puts you in the shoes of a highly trained ODST squad. 562 more words


Everything's coming up Halo in time for the Xbox One X

There wasn’t a whole lot of news on the Halo front at E3 apart from an expansion to Halo Wars 2 and with the lack of news about… 188 more words


Halo Summer Celebration Kicks Off with Great News for Halo Fans

Halo fans certainly got a treat today with some big announcements. First up, 343i has confirmed an Xbox One X update for Halo 5 including “true” 4K support.  195 more words

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Two Hundred And Four Reasons: Part 7 - It's in the Subtext

Though most of John-117 and Kelly-087′s time together as both teammates and friends has been chronicled in the official novels, I’d still like to take a look at some of the fiction that exists in-tandem with these pieces of Halo canon. 1,807 more words

204 Reasons Series

Two Hundred And Four Reasons: Preface (2015) - The Eagle and The Rabbit

Blogger’s Note: In an effort to polish my abilities as a writer and analyst of various pieces of fictional media in which I’m invested, I’ve decided to also host a number of informal essays that were previously published to… 971 more words

204 Reasons Series