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Voigtlander Vitomatic IICS

I already have a Voigtlander Vitomatic II which in turn is based on the Voigtlander Vito B camera. This camera is from the same stable. I now have four Vito B derivatives as the Vito BL is a precursor of the Vitomatic cameras. 1,350 more words


THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE in 35mm: So long, Tobe Hooper

We lost Tobe Hooper this year. A legendary filmmaker who created among the most powerful and exuberant genre films the world has ever seen. How appropriate then that a 35 mm screening of… 531 more words


Illustration: Cult 35

Because I love bad wordplay, I made these illustrations for another reporter’s film column, Cult 35. They were printed in the Aztec Press in the Arts & Entertainment section, as well as published online.


Wizen AW 818

This is a very cheap, fully automatic, point-and-shoot camera. I have never heard of Wizen before – a Google search comes up with batteries and pictures of cheap looking  cameras. 753 more words


Panda, Panda

I found a panda-headed stranger in Urban Outfitters wearing a tiger shirt. She turned; I snapped. Funny things you’ll find in the city.

35 mm film, developed and processed by hand.


The Eclipse on Film

I have to say the digital images turned out better……  Note to Self, I should have practiced more with my equipment.  But since this Page is about Film……Here you go: 55 more words

35 Mm