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Bump-date: 35 weeks.

How far along? 35 weeks! 5 weeks left?! That literally sounds like nothing! I can’t believe how much faster this pregnancy has gone. Of course at time though I feel like I will be pregnant foreverrrrrr. 528 more words

Specialist appt - 35+4 weeks

My husband and I went to our NHS specialist appt today, expecting the usual chat about baby’s growth, next scan, etc etc. Instead we were told that given my history and the drugs which I’ve been taking throughout my pregnancy that baby would be induced at 38 weeks! 298 more words

35+2 weeks

Still here – still cooking! :)

I mentioned in my last post that my sister in law was due a baby at any time and I’m delighted to announce that she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Thursday last week! 504 more words

35 weeks and 3 days

Still mega sore. Like someone took a baseball bat to my hoohaw. :)

This weekend Clay, my parents, and I went to the Clay County fair. 238 more words


I am 35 weeks pregnant today.

Which also means that Math says I have only 35 days left of being pregnant (theoretically)

Tick. Tock. 375 more words


34 weeks and 5 days

( I apologize for any weird punctuation or misspellings I’m dictating this post on my phone)

At this point I feel like I’m carving the number of days into the side of a prison wall. 633 more words

Blog has been migrated. 35+5 weeks & wanting it over

So I’ve just managed to finish migrating my IVF Blog from Blogger.com to here

The last few days have been quite hectic, with false alarms and waters breaking, 256 more words