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The Pier and the Seagull

In Brighton. Visit to the grandparents.

It is the first time in three years that I shoot a whole 36 frame roll of film without taking any photographs of T & P, shame on me. 131 more words


White lines

How to make the unused usable. The ugly – pretty. The unseen – visible.

How to remove the line, but keep it in, as it’s part of the story. 36 more words


All babes are wolves

When you look closely, when you close your your eyes you can see them. Wolves running through the forest. Wolves locked in walls. Wolves on the backseat of your car. 34 more words


Week 14 - Intermediate Photography

My first roll of Eastman Double-X.  I bought two 36-exposure rolls from Cinestill more than a year ago, but I needed the right occasion to bring it out, and I think this was it.  231 more words

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