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Con two

The art of the Con: Believe in me and I will grant heal you.

The old Indian medicine man trick. He would take the sick into a sweat lodge and do incantations in there. 110 more words


Places and things out of place.

Can aqua man swim in jello?

Can superman have sex with a human or is automatic death for the woman with a thrust of his hips? 200 more words


New Shadow of Mordor DLC launches today, along with new trailer

‘The Bright Lord,’ Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor’s second major DLC release, hit digital stores today. Going back in time to tell the story of Sauron’s rise, players take on the role of Celebrimbor, Talion’s wraith companion from the core game, as he uses the one ring to fight a loosing battle against Sauron’s forces. 124 more words


GTA V pushed back again for PC

That’s right, there has been yet another delay for GTA V, go ahead and get rid of March 24th from your calendar and circle April 14th because that’s the new one, (assuming it stays that way). 50 more words



(The video is fine, just not in HD)

I have done this in After Effect. The starts with “Can I not scaling eyes but only change its position and make it looks like the head is turning?” The answer is yes. 175 more words


Ramblings of the mind, and mind your manners.

One man’s art is another man’s disaster with a medium.

A crayon can be used for art but I have never seen a crayon picture in the museum. 269 more words



Adam and Eve had lunch.

Bananas and apples and pears from the trees.

And then one day Adam was convinced by Eve to eat meat. 109 more words