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Scary Dry

Viewable in 2D and 3D.

Since I don’t want to get fat sitting around playing with virtual reality, I’ve starting taking hikes every morning.
Here’s four photos from two of my hikes this week, showing how dry it is around here. 38 more words


Mars Looks Eerily Similar To Earth In This Dramatic New Panorama

@tachyeonz : It ain’t Earth, but it sure could’ve fooled us. The image, which was shot on Aug. 5 by the Mast Camera aboard the Curiosity rover, most notably highlights a formation known as the Murray Buttes on Mount Sharp, a peak that rises 18,000 feet over the floor of the valley in which it’s located. 24 more words


360 Photo Spheres are Here!!!

Philip Hensler Photography is excited to announce this new and incredible service. Fully immerse your self into a photo with 360 Degree of uninterrupted views of your location. 90 more words

South Kensington Tunnel (360° Experience)

You are in a tunnel, heading towards South Kensington Tube Station…

Enjoy 😀

Exploring London

Angel Central (A Sunny Day)

Put on your cardboard mask/ VR headset and relax for the next 25mins with this virtual experience of Angel Central in London. 😀

Exploring London

Саратов 2016

В статьях в интернете пишут, что в Саратове разруха, да и от Самары от не очень отличается В принципе с туристической точки зрения он мне понравился больше Самары.

Architecture - Архитектура

Twin Air Foam Filter for Kawasaki Prairie 360 02-11

Fused Outer and Inner Elements Prevent Dirt and Grime From Being Lodged Between Layers. Unlike Twin Air, This Can Be a Problem With Two-Piece Designs. Trapped Particles Can Restrict Airflow and if Dirt Works Its Way Into Your Engine, a Pinhead Sized Granule Will Gouge Your Cylinder, Piston and Rings. 103 more words