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#A Doodle A Day - Day 7 Art Journal

Today is a sick day. Because I spent so much time sleeping, I have little time left for study today. So I decided to make an art journal page that takes less time than drawing of another character for my “A Doodle A Day” project. :)

365 Project Macy

#5. A Doodle A Day - Day 10 My Caricature

Today I drew caricatures (??) of myself.

Well, I didn’t really capture the my facial features (except my round/long face). :)

Last night’s doodle: basically I am saying, “what’s that…” 124 more words

365 Project Macy

#5. A Doodle A Day - Day 4 & 5 Sausage Hand & My Bro

Thursday’s doodle:

I experimented with leaving fingerprints on my diary for Wednesday.

I sort of tried to make a hand out of five blurry fingerprints. 86 more words

365 Project Macy