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365 Day Blog challenge Day 121 Photos #365daychallenge

Following on from yesterdays blog about being more mindful outside I was looking through the apps on my phone and realised I had for the last few days posted at least one picture on Instagram. 117 more words

The 365 Day Challenge: Passion Isn't Simple - Week 1 Review

Okay. So I should have admitted when I started this challenge that it wouldn’t be easy. When I decided on taking time to dedicate to my passion (writing) every single day for the next year, I didn’t mention that it’s harder to stick to on weekends, when traveling, or when you’re overwhelmed with just general life stuff. 347 more words


Day 6, Year 1 ~ being dumped for the first time

Hello World!

It’s taken a few days to process this but this past weekend while everything was falling to pieces one of those things was the beginning of a new relationship. 588 more words

365 Day Challenge

49/365 - 51/365

A self-portrait I started on last year but never finished. This day I picked it up again, finished it and added some background colour in Photoshop. 102 more words

45/365 Graphics Workshop

Wednesday, February 14th
Today I attended my second graphics workshop where I printed the collographs I created last time. To be honest I wasn’t very interested in this technique before, but after the results, I love it! 167 more words

43/365 - 44/365

Two characters I’m currently developing: Astrid and her dog Eggsy. I hope to create a children’s book (or comic) with these two later on. This is just my first draft and I have to make character profiles for them. 134 more words

Day 5, Year 1 ~ housing plans

Hello World!

Something to break up the reflective posts that I’ve been doing the past few days is some good news and a new experience for me. 107 more words

365 Day Challenge