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225/365 - Rewinding

In June 2014 our daughter Ella turned 18. We wanted to offer her something special. We asked her what she would like. A few days later, she texted me while I was spending the weekend with my husband at our house in Upper New York State. 89 more words


Art Expectations 301/302 River

Day 301 Page 323
After leaving Clara’s home, Pip goes solemnly home alone. He sees no one spying on him or hanging about the Temple. Herbert comes home later. 358 more words

224/365 - Out on the tandem

Out on the tandem again this morning, going east on the Lachine Canal this time. On the main photo you see the iconic Biosphere. The geodesic dome was design by the architect Buckminster Fuller for the Expo ’67.¬† 33 more words


223/365 - Lunch Time

Today I am sharing a photo that I submitted to Introversion, Inc. The Show – 2nd Edition.

W. Kier  of Introversion, Inc. started a new weekly challenge, very easy and fun to participate. 25 more words


222/365 - 9 1/2

Every Thursday I like to participate in Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors Challenge. Here is another interesting one seen on Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal.


221/365 - A Day at the lake

I was ready to publish this last night but didn’t have cell phone connectivity.


220/365 - Monochrome Monday

Shot today a Place Ville-Marie overlooking Avenue McGill College, Montreal, QC.

That first sentence is what I wrote a couple of hours ago. I now realized that today is not Monday! 28 more words