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"I Wasn't a Camp Girl" Club

My mother tried to send me to day camp one year when I was about eight. I rejected this notion and held steadfast to the declaration, “I am not a camp girl.” I didn’t like to swim, change in locker rooms, or play team sports. 457 more words

Finding Happy

"I Need the Sun" Club

The sun is the heart of our solar system and imperative to existence, but it’s especially important to mine. It is iconic as a symbol of life and energy. 581 more words


King Tree Spring.

I pass this tree in all seasons, and it’s lovely no matter the season. 148/365

365 Day Project

One done.

Our Sam graduated today.  We all celebrated- and these three found a way to goof off- just like usual.  I love that.  147/365

365 Day Project

"I Put it in the Ether" Club

I often speculate on how my husband, the perpetual dreamer and I got (and STAYED) together. To his dreams, I bring a sense of Russian pragmatism, which I call realism, but he calls pessimism. 889 more words


Cooler by the Lake.

Riding my bike today- it was nice and warm- but as I headed toward the lake- about a block away, it the air temperature dropped at least 5 degrees.   11 more words

365 Day Project


Dreamy lilac. Wish I could bottle the fragrance for the rest of the year. 145/365

365 Day Project