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My 365 Day Project: What I've Learned So Far

The theory goes as follows: capture and post one photo per day for an entire year and you will become a better photographer.  Becoming a better photographer is accomplished through a process of “learning to see” more actively, more intentionally and more consistently.   647 more words


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I found this site because I see hearts everywhere – LITERALLY! I came in search of what it all means or else to connect with humans who are experiencing this phenomenon. 1,129 more words


Day 2: Nandini Harinath

They say women are from Venus. Well, they’re definitely not limiting themselves to one planet or two. 

“So all that would mean that whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good.

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365 Days, 365 Women

Day 1: Pat Benatar

This is the first post in a series of what I envision to be a 365 day project on women who are and have been dynamic pioneers in fields ranging from Astrophysics and Basketball to Yoga and Zoology.  440 more words

365 Days, 365 Women

Art Expectations The End! (not really)

YES! I have finally finished Dickens’ Great Expectations and my art-per-page project. I do want to keep this blog going, but as of now, unsure what I will tackle next. 166 more words

"Lessons Learned from Writing Every Single Day for a Year" Club

Many things can happen in a year. Things move whether we want them to or not; whether we’re ready for them or not. Babies are born, children grow, adults age, and all ages die. 1,531 more words

365 Project: Life Clubs

"Happy Tears" Club

I’m a whirlwind of emotion the last few days as my project is rounding up. My ongoing analogy to running a marathon feels more poignant than ever as I pass mile 25.98 and I imagine runners in the last mile operating on another dimension; not unlike the super strength you exhibit when your kid is stuck under a car and you lift it.  453 more words

365 Project: Life Clubs