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"My Hypochondria is a Tick" Club

My hypochondria is a tick, like Tourette’s episode. My  conscious mind knows I’m probably overreacting to a sensation, but by this point, I’ve become hyper-aware and the army of fight or flight soldiers in my brain have been summoned and they can’t be recalled. 500 more words


Day 12 -Gold and amethyst

The earrings that were made today are the perfect connection of gold metal and amethyst colour of the beads. I sew the beads around gold pendant to give more character and finish it with long gold drops which gave the earrings smart looks. 83 more words


"I am a Hypochondriac" Club

I am in a perpetual abusive relationship with hypochondria; I desperately want to get away from it, but somehow it controls my brain.

I’ve had hypochondriac tendencies (more officially known as “ 1,193 more words


Day 11 -Art Deco with a twist

Today I chose a classic look of the earrings in silver and with jade apricot colour drop. The drop is quite long and it’s perfect for… 79 more words


“I Use My Horn” Club

Having two children at two different schools in two different states means I’m doing a lot of driving. Living next to the busiest bridge in the country, my many hours in the car is often accompanied by intense traffic and angry, frustrated drivers. 270 more words


Day 10 - Purple rain

We still have nice, sunny days. I’m waiting for more colours in the trees till that time  I will do more colourful jewellery. : ) 83 more words



It’s a lovely brisk Autumn Monday- and this girl is ready for a walk.  She’s not a fan of the hot summer weather- so the fall temps are a welcome change. 270/365

365 Day Project