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"Valuing Your Writing" Club

There is no greater satisfaction than filling up a page. There is no sound more rewarding than the rapid stroking on the keyboard. The quick tapping is reinforcement that it’s going, it’s writing; the machine is working. 395 more words


77/365 Email Debt Forgiveness Day

Yesterday’s post was about waiting for an email, and today is about the anxiety of sending one. Because as hard as it is to hear bad news, it is probably just as uncomfortable to send it. 457 more words

There's food and then there is Jewish food.

Seriously, I had no idea before I met my beloved that an entire category in the food world was full of awesome goodness.  Even that description doesn’t do it justice.   48 more words

365 Day Project

"My Renovation Took a Detour" Club

My bathroom renovation evolved into the perfect metaphor for life.

The renovation plan seemed simple enough; just a small bathroom, nothing major. No real organs would be touched; this was mostly a cosmetic procedure. 844 more words


Busy Day.

And this girl is my constant companion.  I wish she could jump in and help package orders, but her love and support, and occasional drool are appreciated :) 119/365

365 Day Project

75/365 When People Are Lessons

I see the best in people. It’s this fact about myself that I find to be one of my best qualities, but also the one that gets me into the most trouble. 788 more words

"I Moved in with My First Boyfriend" Club

At 19, I remember a precise moment when I felt I had a grip on this life thing. Somehow I thought I had matured to this ripe age, where I could function as a grown up in society. 658 more words