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A year...

Facebook memories are a double edged sword. They help you remember. They can also hurt as you read the status you put up knowing you were pregnant but hadn’t announced it yet. 290 more words



I see you.

Whenever you feel lost and alone and think that there is no hope. That there is nothing more than the shitty situation you are in, just know that I see you. 240 more words


A Series of Unfortunate Events

My life is nothing but a series of disappointments. Too tired continue, really.



365 Days

My Butterfly Effect Chapter 1

If you are new, start here: Introducing My ButterflyEffect

Sunday, 8 July 2018

The first week of this journey had a lot of ups and downs. 1,485 more words



She looked over at me, hand making another wave through her hair.

I hated it when girls did that, touched their hair every second. I wanted to rip that fucking hand, off her fucking arm and stamp on it until it turned grey. 185 more words


Da Kine Numba Six

Time for anodda da kine!

My Christmas amaryllis from a year ago started blooming again! 198 more words

Da Kine: Sometimes Full-on Pidgin