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#182 Sad Little Monkey

Sometimes life seems all too difficult. I’m not sure what was depressing this little monkey more, a life behind bars or the climate of a Houston summer. 28 more words

365 Days

Day 44 -Untitled

‘You want us to break into a police station?’ Lauren’s eyebrow just about pops up above her sun glasses. Today, I notice they’re squarer than her regular Hollywood ones. 49 more words

the face of a convincing adult – 251/366

Was I stressed today in the last twenty-four hours?  Why?


::deep breath::

I am supposed to be a part of this new woman focused leadership program but it has been stressful. 164 more words

365 Days

Day 42 - Stars

My fingers dance nervously on my desk, my body accompanying the melody with a jittery bouncing against my seat.

Mr Coulson is at the front of the class, droning on about how awe-inspiring Macbeth is. 448 more words

sitting around on my lazy ass – 250/366

What did I do with my free time today in the last twenty-four hours?

I watched Australian TV on Netflix and then made cheesy cauliflower rice. 70 more words

365 Days

a lot of rules and no mercy – 249/366 (catch up)

The computer I use most often is…..

My phone, I can’t believe how much I rely on my smart phone for things like; word processing, looking things up, and cheap entertainment. 29 more words

365 Days

Dreams about the future – 248/366 (catch up)

What is my favorite gadget?

Tiny tool kits and things like this.

Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets.
~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

365 Days