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sweat a cold, yellow slime, of hostile people – 334/366

What makes me sweat?

Well, exercise. DUH!

I also get to that point just a smidgen before you can feel your pores release a sweat when I teeter on any edge…. 97 more words

365 Days

a room of her own – 333/366

How much money doI have in my wallet?

$0.00 – I hate to carry cash

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”
― Virginia Woolf

365 Days

the past is beautiful – 332/366 (catch up)

What memory do I want to keep from today the last twentyfour hours?

My son smiling at me. That never gets old.

“I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time.

21 more words
365 Days

universes as mutually remote as the constellations – 331/366 (catch up)

Who is the first person I saw today….

My husband, and then my dog, and followed by my perfect spawn.

“The universe is full of men going through the same motions in the same surroundings, but carrying within themselves, and projecting around them, universes as mutually remote as the constellations.”
~ Emmanuel Mounier

365 Days

divided like a million stars in the night sky – 330/366 (catch up)

I really wish_______

that the bitterness from both sides of the aisle after the 2016 USA election would be over and done with.  I am sick of the whining… on both sides. 48 more words

365 Days

Swami and his IT Friends

Of course a bit inspired from Swami and Friends.. :P and in no competition to the original!

Part 1 – Monday Blues

It was Monday morning. 1,127 more words

365 Days

No I am not going to start wearing a sandwich board and roaming the streets looking more than a little destitute..  its coming up on the END of 2016 and I just want to make like a mirror and take a couple of minutes to reflect on how its been. 667 more words