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Day 10 

Where would you most want to go on a road trip with your best friends? What kinds of things would you do?

I have always wanted to take a girls trip to California. 158 more words

365: My Inspired Life

Day 7 

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? Who gave it to you?  268 more words

365: My Inspired Life

Something New

Really had a great day today. It’s been two years since I’ve worked in a team and I was glad to be given the chance to do so again. 886 more words

365 Days

01 (The cheese!)

So in an attempt to fully document my last 365 days before I go over the ol’ “hill”, I figured I’d go with another 365 day blog. 89 more words


less than three- 255/366 (catch up)

OMG! ____________

 turns into  

I have no idea what to put here for that prompt… my first thought was emoticons.

But what is all this “OMG” business?!?!?! 44 more words

365 Days

It is always in season - 255/366 (catch up)

How old do I feel?

This has that feel of a trick question – some days I feel like I am 12, other I feel like I am 80. 22 more words

365 Days

Set wide the window - 254/366 (catch up)

What went perfectly about my day last 24 hours?

My son and I volunteered as the big Greek festival through his Scout troop.  I love seeing him do service, though it was interesting that he thought of it in terms of what he got out of it rather than the act of it, but he is young and I suppose that will come with maturity. 17 more words

365 Days