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the good, the bad , and the ugly - 140/366

Was I “good” or was I “bad” today?

I need a definition, two of them actually.

I did not commit a grievous acts, not was I particularly wonderful and angelic. 159 more words

365 Days

roots and wings - 139/366

What is my most prized possession?

Everything is so fleeting that possessions have come to be a strange little habit of mine….

and then I found this image: 59 more words

365 Days

A little plug for the blog. (Pun always intended.)

For my 32nd birthday, my mother gave me a book. Several books really. However, one of them was “UNPLUG EVERY DAY: 365 Ways to Log Off and Live Better” (by no specific author), a fat half-size book of the type that I generally donate immediately to goodwill because I can’t handle cheery messages like “five easy steps to improve your life” / “happiness is a mental commitment” / “you have more time than you think.” There was a Marie Kondo incident, Christmas 2015. 32 more words


Bye bye daegu

대구에 온지 1년반이 좀 더 지났다.적응을 못하는건 아니다. 아니, 그럴수도 있겠지. 나름 대구와 뭔가 맞춰보려고 노력도 많이 했다.
그리고 대구는 한국에서도 매우 큰 대도시이다. 또 대구에서도 난 아무도 모르는 마이너 디자이너일뿐이다. 대구가 나에게 뭔가 불이익이나 불평등을 주지도 않았다.
한편으로 여기든 저기든 잘 사는 사람들보면 부럽기도 하다.

오늘에서야 정확히 확신이 선다.

머지않아 대구를 떠날것이며, 가능한 다시는 돌아오고 싶지 않다. 내 고향임에도 불구하고 이렇게 고향이 싫을수가 있을까 싶기도 하다.
그리고 아직도 난 서울 광진구 구민이다.

하지만 서울도.. 글로벌에서보면 대구나 서울이나 매한가지이다.
즉, 한국을 곧 떠날 것이다. 지금 당장은 아니지만 곧 다가 올 것이다.

365 Days

#175 Sunny Zion

When Zion wasn’t being grey and wet, it was being sunny and awesome. After walking for an hour in very heavy rain we were rewarded with this amazing view, looking south from the entrance to Zion Canyon. 8 more words


huh? - 138/366

“Without looking at the previous years entry first, sign your name.”

I have no idea what the fuck this prompt means. I feel like I am not privy to an inside joke. 175 more words

365 Days


Birthday: (n) the anniversary of the day on which a person was born

Find the reason.

There are too many things we do in life that are either absent purpose or have lost direction, but continue to be honored in some awkward way. 217 more words

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