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You know what absolutely makes my day? Knowing that in this world there is someone who loves me. That someone is a wonderful man who fell in love with me inspite of me, inspite of what I used to do, inspite of my flaws, inspite of the distance between us. 322 more words


The Big Day!

I’m not slacking or anything. I’m posting later than usual because…today I baptized my baby girl!!!! Thank God that is over lol! Stress and stress and…oh did I mention? 405 more words


A ray of sunshine

Life is filled with good and bad things. That’s a given! You can’t have one without the other. Everything still is crazy over here with the baptism coming sooner than I would like it, but that’s that. 355 more words


Another busy day...

Ever since my mom died in 2015, I’ve been living with my dad. He’s great help to me since I mentioned previously that I am a single mom. 354 more words



I created this blog about 2 weeks ago and this is the first time I’m posting. I’m not really sure if you are reading this or if you will ever read this, but here it goes. 252 more words


September Reads & October TBR

In the hopes I can control my all-too-frequent impulse purchases and agreements to read new books, I started a new monthly segment on my blog where I list all the books I will read in the upcoming month. 1,619 more words


2 1/2 Weeks Post-Op, OFFF, and Swan Island Dahlias

And ten days fly by…

I’ve been working really, really, hard in physical therapy and with my exercises at home. And it’s paying off. I saw my surgeon’s assistant on the 21st, and she removed the dressing on the incision and swapped it out for Steri-strips. 703 more words

Da Kine: Sometimes Full-on Pidgin