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365 Days to the day...

Dear You,

Today marks three hundred and sixty-five days since I started tracking my mood on Daylio (phone app). Today marks a year to the day since I wrote about all of my accomplishments that year and the things I was still willing and wanting to work through. 1,101 more words

Blackout- April 9, 2018

A blackout happened for a few minutes. Wondered if I could do this on my phone- turns out I can.


How are you?


Peter Pan- April 8, 2018

” ‘Second to the right, and straght on till morning.’ That, Peter told Wendy, was the way to Neverland…”

Thinking of making a comaparison between the book and the movie. 6 more words

Bits and bobs- April 6, 2018

Spent the whole day eating- not good. Bits and bobs from the restaurant we ate in.


How are you?


365 Days of Purple #41

A friend had come from the UAE for the occasion of his engagement and to celebrate the same we went to Swig Eatery and Bar. Time was flowing like an open faucet and the merriment was strong in the air. 768 more words


Break- April 1, 2018

So… that was a long break. I originally intended for this to be an everyday thing but you know… anyway, I’ll try to post a picture everyday starting from now on. 49 more words

April 2018 TBR... and what did I read in March?

In the hopes I can control my all-too-frequent impulse purchases and agreements to read new books, I started a new monthly segment on my blog where I list all the books I will read in the upcoming month. 1,076 more words