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Mówisz, że pierwsza miłość jest najmocniejsza, ale może po prostu przenosimy nasze przeszłe rozczarowania na kolejne relacje i zniechęcamy się, zamiast poszukać klucza, który nas otworzy. 22 more words

365 Project

Day 112: And then there were four

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I grew up knowing that my father was the youngest of five brothers. My childhood imagination often inflated them into a real-life superhero team, each with their unique personalities. 177 more words

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Day 037 - That Sunday night feeling

So, its over. The end of two lovely weeks off, and we ended it with a BBQ and some family time. With the parents and one of my sisters dropping in, the girls had a lovely afternoon. 386 more words


Day 36 - Anything left?

Merlin loves food. With passion. His favourite times of the day are the mealtimes and not a second is wasted in gulping down the food. He has also developed a very accurate internal clock for the mealtimes, and is diligent in ensuring we don’t miss the right moment – at least not by more than 10-15 seconds.

365 Project

Practice makes perfect.

I am still working on improving my manual focus skill with my Olympus camera.   In this picture, I was trying to focus on the butterfly, but turns out I got an absolutely crisp image of the opening zinnia that is just above and to the right of where I was trying to focus.   I’ll keep trying…