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Day 115/365: haiku for a dead houseplant

I think you’re a goner:

knobby green stems mimic life

but nothing urges forth

365 Project

Day 114/365: you drew me a labyrnith

you drew me a labyrinth

on a spare sheet of lined paper

left it on the table

for me to find:

and in that gesture… 19 more words

365 Project

Day 113/365: nondescript form

pushing to the edge

of nerve, heart, skin needn’t be

bad: news things emerge

365 Project


This weekend we have a completely sweet house guest, Miss Lucy! She’s a 6 month old yorkshire terrier, and though not a “real dog,” lol, she’s pretty cute and the perfect houseguest. 34 more words

day 115 - collection

A collection of flowers.

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365 Project