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I’ve painted all day today, starting small and then I made a start on painting two 3ft canvases. I’m going to leave them to dry overnight before I start on the next layer. 109 more words


Late bloomer.

I planted a 2-gallon sized Pride of Barbados shrub yesterday.   It’s a bit late in the season, but I’m hoping that planting it now will give it a good month or so to acclimate to its new home before the cold weather hits.  28 more words


Day 269: Horseplay

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The hardest part about all this is occasionally letting them through and copping a full punch in the face.

365 Day Photos

Birdies above. 

At home I am feeling the absence of the little birdies and squirrels lately. They started making themselves scarce about the same time a hawk was spotted swooping around the trees in our yard. 90 more words


Project 366: Week 38 {262-268}

Hello again 366-ers. According to my posts it’s been eight whole weeks since I last joined this fun linky. I was working my way through this and was thinking how fun it was, and how much I miss just going back through the week and picking photos to share. 221 more words


266/366 Blocks and Pony

Two thirds of the way through-100 days to go-will she make it?!

On another note, this summer I had the opportunity to sell two of my photographs. 103 more words