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20/365. A snow day

A few extra photos because this snow day was just too good.


Uselessness and Usefulness

Within the seed of your uselessness lives the potential of your usefulness.

Within the extent of your uselessness lies the extent of your usefulness.

Only when you are totally useless for yourself, can you be truly useful to the world. 35 more words


Jan. 19, 2019

19 of 365

This is cute and I’m happy with it! I want to color it but my arm is killing me tonight :(


Day 172... Running

 Had some fun in the woods with the doodles today :) Thanks Paige for the word today ~



The play before the storm


Day 19 - A Wartime Relic...

These few rusted sheets of corrugated iron are all that remains of the former army camp at Prees, near Whitchurch. Originally a WW1 training camp, an airfield was also built nearby at the beginning of WW2, and it later became a Prisoner of War camp. 27 more words