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the hiccup cup

Wednesday 7:10am drinking coffee

I think I have finally come out of the Super Bowl haze. It’s a cold, crisp morning and I have woken up with the hiccups. 554 more words




イヌシーバの社会化レッスンも引き続き行っております。散歩ではあまり改善が見られないものの、ピザハットのお兄さんに過剰反応しなかったのは二重丸! ちょっとでも進歩が見えると感動してしまいますね。まだまだ頑張るぞ。



February 10th - Challenge 365

10 – I haven’t bought anything today, mostly due to the fact it’s so damn early… I’m pretty bad at saving though, to be honest; I tend to buy things willy nilly. 47 more words



Edgy eleven
Energy exuberance
Elegant elan 6 more words


smoke and mirrors sharpened by andrewnease

I’m trying a more sharpened version of yesterday’s 365 photo at the recommendation of a user on Reddit.

From 500px http://ift.tt/1oq6UPI

Still Life

101/365 - Necessary training

Si parlava con un’amica illustratrice delle differenze tra fotografia ed arti grafiche. Apparentemente simili, ma tra le varie differenze siamo inevitabilmente caduti su come la facilità di fotografare abbia di fatto creato , per così dire, una gran confusione. 222 more words