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Brittle bones

I await
the stories that linger
upon your

[Oct 19] Eyes on the fries

It might be hard to see, but if there’s free food you don’t let it slip out of sight. Especially after a grueling exam


[Oct 18] Healthy living

Kudos to the people who not only work hard, and work honestly, but also work to keep other people fed and healthy.


Semi-Spooky Movies to Watch Halloween Night

When it comes to scary movies I am a wimp. When my husband and I were first dating we decided to rent a scary movie to watch together. 680 more words

Mallory Hazel

“I Used to Take the Subway” Club

Riding the subway was an ordinary, tongue-and-groove part of my life in New York City. I took the train to all ends of the five boroughs and usually it was the most effective, economical, fastest form of transportation. 497 more words

365 Project: Life Clubs

360/365 - Closeness

Ora di pranzo, la mia preferita. Al mattino no… le cose da fare, da preparare, io che mi sveglio mezz’ora dopo anche se sono già in piedi e lavati i denti e dove sono le scarpe… no, la mattina proprio no. 226 more words


365 Unscented Shampoo

I was one of those people that always bought various shampoos, conditioners, products, lotions, and everything else before I even came close to using the multitude I had at home already. 277 more words

Beauty Review