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64. NEW SONG 28.8.15

The Beatles cry: HELP

And I scream with them and yelp.

Where is my yellow submarine

Who will help me?

Norwegian wood stretches all around… 27 more words


63. PEPPER AND SPICE 28.8.15

Pepper and spice,

Pasta, cary, or rice

With black beans. Nice!


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Description From Photographer if Any:

By n3cr1scz

Source: 500px.com


62. MISTAKES 28.8.15

Mistakes, both big and small

May have effects, yes, all.

Slip up, miss or overlook

And you must pay and re-book.


61. GO AWAY! 28.8.15

When two parties are into a quarrel and rude

Don’t interfere, and don’t intrude

Better turn and go away

And don’t spoil your day!


August 27, 2015: Reed diffuser

Somewhere in my house there is a box that has a half dozen cut-glass cruets that would have been used for salad dressing back in the day. 253 more words