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186 - Walk About

I took a lovely walk with my husband today on our city’s beautiful waterfront. It was a perfect summer day.


365, Day 46: Fireworks and Freedom

I have an uneasy relationship with fireworks. I fear them in the hands of “civilians”, particularly those who use them in close proximity to me and/or my place of residence. 249 more words

365, Day 45: Signs of the Season

It’s interesting how something I’d never heard of ten months ago could so quickly come to define my sense of identity. Opera Theatre of Saint Louis’ 40th Festival Season officially ended for me on July 3rd, the “end date” on my contract, as I supervised the movers packing up the stuff and carting it off to the warehouse where it will slumber until next May. 254 more words


Day 16: A roll in the grass

A simple shot today; The long grass is full of lovely lines, shades and textures and this shot is a nice example. At least I think it is. 21 more words


10/365 Spellbound 7.4.15

Because it was independence day in the U.S the prompt was spellbound! Usually I go with the fam to the big fireworks show in our town but this year we decided to stay home and relax with a few fountain things. 13 more words


18/365: soft like lobotomy

you’re a false god
rained down
bits of fish
and now we’re sold

made a statue of your foot
we saw a glimpse of it… 71 more words


July 05, 2015 at 10:50AM

Yawn!! by Lady_Garden at http://flic.kr/p/viUPND

Day 180
Yes that is the kind of Sunday it is. Even Georgi is yawning.