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Day 19: North Melbourne revisited

Day 19
18 May 2016

I have a really fond memory of North Melbourne because the last time I went there, I found a cafe that has a spot-on atmosphere I like and had really great coffee. 358 more words


Day 18 : interesting things happen in Fitzroy

Day 18
17 May 2016

It was an interesting day I had in Fitzroy. I stayed a while at Industry Beans drinking my coffee while working on my laptop, when a bunch of filming crew came in. 107 more words


Day 17 : best things come unexpected

Day 17
16 May 2016

Long overdue catch up with an old friend, who I find the most comfort in just by talking about how our lives have been for the past however long we haven’t seen each other. 169 more words


Day 16 : the importance of switching off

Day 16
15 May 2016

Sometimes you just gotta switch off from everything that’s bothering you. And listen to your body. Be mindful. Nourish yourself, eat well, sleep well, breathe in fresh air. 72 more words


Day 15 : vegan junk food heaven

Day 15
14 May 2016

I was invited to a friend’s birthday dinner. It was time to have some serious vegan junk food in my tummy again. 122 more words


Day 14

Day 14
13 May 2016

At South Melbourne Market today, I found everything I had been looking for. From these lovely monstera leaves, to exotic Moroccan bowls and pottery to wholefoods. 43 more words


Day 13 : give the cows a little rest

Day 13
12 May 2016

When I left New Zealand, I was pretty much in doubt that I would find a better coconut yoghurt than Cathedral Cove coyo. 168 more words