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Square eyes

This one time, I was a real hypocrite. More of that to come.

📺 Netflix has been both a saviour and a curse. First, it’s a saviour in the sense that it gives me great viewing pleasure. 372 more words


Wet stuff falling

Ahh. Monday. Who doesn’t like a good Monday? Which reminds me of a funny I came across on the interwebbything:

Another perk of the job is the luxury of lazing at home and calling it ‘work’. 127 more words


Arguments, make-ups, and general arsing about

👨‍👩‍👧 Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes, just sometimes, the apple doesn’t far from the tree fall?

Today was one of those days (well, about 45 minutes of it – felt like a lot longer!) when the advice once given about children being grandparents revenge is 100% bang on the money? 172 more words


Every journey begins with...

…the intent to get off one’s arse. It’s not the first step. There needs to be planning. For planning, there need to be intent.

Don’t mind me. 272 more words


Post, the first

So, I’m embarking on this whole ‘being positive’ journey. (Ha! I’d much rather a journey in which I went somewhere exotic.)

Being asked what I enjoyed doing outside of work hours and not really being able to answer it was a little confronting, to say the least. 281 more words


Grateful for Warm Tea

Last week I was grateful for the air conditioning units in my classroom. This week, I am grateful for something warm. Yes, the temperatures have dropped that much – especially in my room! 173 more words


¡Felicidad! ¡Felicidad! ¡Felicidad!

Today is the best, most important day of the year.

Today is The Cuban’s birthday, and my absolute favourite day.

Today, we celebrate the day when this thoroughly lovely, witty, silly, insightful, thoughtful, caring, infinitely patient, creative, and at a times crazed creature entered this world. 89 more words

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