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Their success...

I am shattered.

In truth, I’m running out of ways to describe just how exhausted and spent I am at the moment — mentally and physically, but particularly mentally. 432 more words

Random Musings

If this is how it affects me...

A little over five years ago, my husband and I endured what seemed like an impossible task at the time. It felt never-ending. Because of a set of circumstances we could not predict, we found ourselves applying for permanent residence in Finland on grounds then called ‘ 554 more words

Random Musings

The first snow

As soon as I learned that snow was set to arrive in southern Finland this week, that little-kid excitement took over. Anticipation. Wonder. More anticipation. Awaiting snow’s arrival takes me back to those moments as a kid, waiting to see if we’d have snow, how much would eventually fall and if school would be cancelled. 234 more words

Random Musings


This semester, this month, this week, stress abounds. (Largely, I’ve created this stress for and all by myself.)

As I hurried to deliver a seminar on a topic I felt less than prepared for, cursing the construction which put me a bit further behind schedule than I was comfortable with, I passed by one of the most iconic spots in Helsinki — Senate Square. 75 more words

Random Musings

A glorious, colourful reminder

Life in Finland. Years ago on a business trip to Amsterdam, after listening to me talk about life in Finland, the person to whom I was talking stated simply, ‘So, you’re on the tourism board of Finland then?’ His statement oozed with sarcasm. 402 more words

Random Musings

Square eyes

This one time, I was a real hypocrite. More of that to come.

📺 Netflix has been both a saviour and a curse. First, it’s a saviour in the sense that it gives me great viewing pleasure. 372 more words


Wet stuff falling

Ahh. Monday. Who doesn’t like a good Monday? Which reminds me of a funny I came across on the interwebbything:

Another perk of the job is the luxury of lazing at home and calling it ‘work’. 127 more words