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Day 147

4th of May 2016

I don’t have a washing machine in the new place I’ve moved to. And when my mom told me that’s gonna be a pain, I decided I won’t let it spoil my joy of living in Østerbro. 40 more words


Day 143

1st of May 2016

I woke up at 4. Went to DTU on a Sunday morning again. Should I mention that today for me is Easter? 25 more words


Day 2

Day 2, 1 May 2016

I am grateful for this wonderful combination of apple, banana and Mayver’s nut butter- heaven in mouth.


Day 1

Day 1, 30 April 2016

So I came across 365 Days of Gratitude and I thought, since I am starting a new chapter of my life (what is it now, like, chapter 5?) I should give it a go. 312 more words


Day 141

29th of April 2016

Went out with the GPO crew. Speaking of breaking patterns. Let’s make it a tradition, I say – to be directly translated from the Romanian “zic” -.


Day 140

28th of April 2016

I got out of my comfort zone today. It feels amazing.


Day 139

27th of April 2016

Cât de minunat este că au trecut 139 de zile și eu încă scriu? Sau că de ceva timp îmi beau cafeaua fără zahăr? 442 more words