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Grateful for Free Concert

The PanAm games are happening in Toronto. I am not a sports fan so I have not bought tickets to watch the games. However my curiosity did bring me out of my home, accompanied by my husband, to visit the Nathan Phillips Square downtown in Toronto. 275 more words


Grateful for Hotel Holiday

Once the school year was over, I packed our bags to accompany my husband on a business trip to Phoenix. While hubby worked, my girls and I planned to relax in an environment other than our home. 324 more words


Grateful for Gifts of Flowers

The end of the school academic year is near and I have been cleaning the classroom: washing and disinfecting toys, packing up items so the room can be cleaned during the summer break, taking down posters from the walls, preparing the children’s portfolios and sending them home. 248 more words


Home[s] Sweet Home[s]

Hey y’all,

Dang, it’s been forever since I last posted something, but life has been pretty hectic over the last few weeks. After my Stavanger trip, I had a couple days to pack up my room in Norway and say goodbye to my friends there. 303 more words


Grateful for School Concert

During this past week I was grateful for my daughter’s school concert. The music teachers at her school organised an opportunity for parents to listen to what the children had learned and practised during the school year.  163 more words


Grateful for Growing Children

During the past few weeks both of my daughters have celebrated their birthday. As they are now teens, we no longer have a birthday party as we did when they were younger: there are no balloons, party games and fun activities. 201 more words


Grateful for Appreciation Lunch

Last week Friday all the staff at the school where I work gathered in the library. The occasion? A staff appreciation lunch organised by the parents. 203 more words