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Why Do We Have Leap Years?

Most often we drag through the year but have you ever actually stopped to think, why do we have leap years?

There is actually not a whole number of days in a year. 445 more words

Day Nevermind: The Experiment is Over

I’m rather embarrassed to return here a month later, with no intention of writing all the posts I’ve missed between now and then. The truth is simply that I don’t have the time. 283 more words

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Recap: May 9-May 13

I’m so far behind om my blogging, but I have been following the prompt every day. So I’ve decibed to do some recap posts.

May 9: A sign… 9 more words


Day 130: Hands after Heart

Cool mind, calm hands. Tight focus, tense grip. The mind echoes the body; the body, the mind. My hands race after my thoughts- they’ll never catch up. 22 more words

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Day 129: Mom

Who do you remember first?

I mean, the first person you remember ever.

Now, don’t you pretend that

you have to wrack your memory-

it’s not a dusty old house with a lifetime of rubbish inside. 110 more words

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On Screen: A Movie Review- Captain America: Civil War (Spoiler Free!)

I’m thrilled to announce that today I became a contributor to Constant Collectible, a wonderful blog that documents the latest and greatest in books, movies, and TV! 90 more words

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