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37 weeks

Due date:  September 18

Size: size of romaine lettuce, between 19 and 21 inches and between 6 1/2 and 8 pounds

How far along:  37 weeks, which means we’re officially full term!  253 more words


The waiting game.

We are now at week 37, day 1! The doctor told us that I could go into labor from this point onwards until week 40. I almost can’t believe we’re here! 604 more words


臨月の様子 Baby is Almost Here!


Hello! Thanks for stopping by! The English post is after the Japanese one!

さて、なんだかんだでもう妊娠37週、臨月です。一人目の時は次の検診が待ち遠しくてしょうがなかったのに、二人目は「え!明日もう検診!?」って感じです(笑)一人目がいると、気がつかないうちに、本当にめまぐるしく1日がすぎて行くんだな〜と実感しています :P


  1. 足の付け根が痛む
  2. 今まで以上に眠い
  3. でも夜は全然寝られない(眠りが浅いのと、4時間以上寝られない)
  4. お腹の張りが増える
  5. 妊娠線(どんなにケアしてても出る人は出る!)
  6. 便秘がさらに酷くなる
  7. 皮膚の乾燥
  8. 息切れ
  9. 376 more words

37 weeks - baby #2

Sorry I fell off the face of the earth this week. I was doing so well with updating and then, boom… crickets. Seriously though… These last couple weeks are flying by and I can’t really say I’m complaining about it. 839 more words



With the house being on the market, we wanted to wait as long as possible before setting up the nursery. We made it to week 37 and caved. 488 more words


They are here!

The twins arrived on 06 July. They are perfect in every way and we are getting into a routine now. They will be three weeks tomorrow and I can’t believe how fast the first weeks have gone! 188 more words


The big day is almost here! 

My baby girl moving around like crazy💖😍 her big debut is almost here! 2.5 weeks left so It could be any day! It’s an unexplainable, magical, pure, love; the strongest love one could ever feel, nothing can compare. 90 more words