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What pregnancy is really like

These days, an everyday moment of “… ow, why is my back hurting SO much” while waddling around the house, passing the entryway mirror and noticing the huge belly/bump/balloon protruding from my front to remind me that – oh yeah, I’m pregnant, like REALLY pregnant… 37.5 weeks pregnant to be exact! 500 more words


37 weeks...

So although I still have three weeks to go I’m now officially classed as ‘Term’

During the last 37 weeks I have…

Slept in a tent… 267 more words


37 Weeks

37 weeks today.

This is the point in pregnancy where time seems to slow way down. So far this pregnancy has passed by fairly quickly but I have a feeling this last week will take forever to get through and I plan to continue to work up until the day before I go in to have the c-section. 614 more words


37 Weeks, Rings and Pens and a Beautiful Orb

Probably my last pregnancy update, but I promise there’s a treat in this post for you poets too!

Well, yay, I made it to 37 weeks which is the full-term gestation that I would personally be comfortable delivering the baby at home. 421 more words


37 Weeks Pregnant!

Hello My Delights!

Whats Happening…

Milestone Achieved!!!

I am now classed as full term!

This means if Carson was born anytime now he wouldn’t be classed as a premature baby boy and means i am getting that little but closer to my due date in just a few weeks time. 166 more words


37 Weeks- Full Term!

We have officially made it full term!! This has been my goal. I wanted an “early” baby, but I also wanted to make sure we got to a point where everything with baby would be nice and healthy. 1,036 more words

Baby Bump

36.6 weeks pregnant - This is it..

The time has come! This week has been such a rollercoaster. Just as we’ve been relaxing back into normality with both of us home it turns out I have been developing Cholestasis. 284 more words