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37 weeks- Full Term!

Whew! We have made it to the official “full term”. Baby can come at any time and preferably before 40 weeks. :)

Yep, I’m in my cozy shirt and fleece pants again. 483 more words


Journey: Why I Want Her Born No Earlier Than Feb. 29th

Because Destini is likely to be born early I wanted to give the reasons I want her to wait until February 29th at least. Most of the reasons are selfish and kinda minor-ly lame! 323 more words


Love and Release

You twist and turn your arm, reaching for more space, presumably – and an alien ripple cascades across my belly. You’re moving your wiggly little body down further and further inside me and as I begin to open up for you, I wince in pain, reminding me that our time together, just the two of us, is rapidly coming to a close. 253 more words

37 Weeks.

I was 37 weeks a few days ago and boy am I ready for this little baby to come out now! Although I was reminded the other day that I could still be pregnant for another month if I went overdue (Thanks Emma!), so I’m trying not to be too impatient. 812 more words


I really love hospitals...

… Not. Mom and I went into town today and I was having weird pains (kind of) the entire time. It was a mixture between lightning pains and the constant uncomfortable need to pee. 655 more words


Kyle's Birth Story

Kyle Henderson was born at 9:47pm on January 10, 2016 weighing in at 7lb 5.6oz and 20.5″ long <3

It’s hard to know where to begin with Kyle’s birth story, so I’ll start at the very beginning. 2,451 more words



Well I had my doctors appointment yesterday. He didn’t exactly explain why I had to take antibiotics. He just said that my urine had white cells in it indicating my body was trying to fight an infection and because I’m pregnant he didn’t want to wait for a resample. 473 more words