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End Dump

The Lego Car Blog Elves, as has been well documented on these pages, like bright colours, shiny things, and remote control. Today therefore, was a Good Day, as one of their number rode triumphantly into the office atop this; a stunning fully remote controlled Peterbilt 379 complete with a working MAC end dump trailer. 183 more words


You Think You Know Ashlee, Think Again

This experience of interviewing a classmate was fun and much more difficult than I was anticipating it on being. Not only are you just asking questions but you are the director/ cameraman too. 259 more words


Keep Calm and Carry On – part 3

It’s all about the delegates. Gaining ten when you’re down by over 200 does not momentum make. Sure, it’s a whole lot better than losing ground. 86 more words


Some hero's wear green and swing pink

Bubba Watson is one of the most influence athletes in the world, especially in the golfing committee. His popularity really took off after his 2012 campaign when he only wore his all white pants and shirt with plenty of pink accented in. 280 more words


Where Imagination Is Free

As you walk through life as a college student you feel handcuffed and like the walls are crashing in on you. But certainly that is not the case all the time for it was were could our minds wondering and were can they grow in an educational setting. 229 more words

My Course Expectations: SPMGT 379

Sport Management 379 is a Washington State University course on Media and Communication in sport and is taught by Professor Simon Licen. The purpose of this course is to help develop the student’s skills of communicating to the stakeholders of a sport organization through website design and writing. 204 more words

Sport Management