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Update: Not much writing yet, but there's always tomorrow. Right?

The calendar may say otherwise, but with the snow and sub-zero temperatures of the past week, autumn seems to be no more than a hazy memory. 545 more words


Day Twelve: "before the storm" by Alex Sheal

Today’s short story can be found on 3:AM’s website here.

The interesting thing about this piece is that it gets exactly to the point in a very short amount of time. 91 more words

A Story A Day Keeps My Mind At Bay

The secret life of airports

Uncovering the secret life of airports through movies. This needull is for frequent travelers who have are spending disproportionate time at airports.

So next time you find yourself trudging down a dank tunnel that seems to lead to nowhere, in the nether regions of an airport, suddenly alone and perhaps feeling a bit of existential dread, or maybe just exhaustion and boredom—remember that you are taking part in the secret life of airports.

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Twin Peaks Finale Week at 3:AM Magazine

It’s Twin Peaks: The Return Finale Week over at 3 A.M. Magazine. They’re running a series of essays about the new season for the rest of the week. 305 more words


Two new open calls on 3am magazine

Duos: collaborative poems written / made by two poets. There is no criteria for the poems or process. Please send a single bio and single photo for both authors. 51 more words

Tom Jenks


3:AM Magazine published my surreal short story, Irony. It’s about a boy, a girl, and some weird stuff.

Click here to check it out. 20 more words


I Quit Drinking Coffee Two Months Ago

I love coffee. I love the smell of it, I love the taste of it. I love the buzz you get when you wake up in the morning and smell a cup of freshly brewed coffee. 384 more words