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Tom McCarthy's Remainder: "The best French novel ever written in English"

Having finished Marilynne Robinson‘s superb Gilead last week, I am now revisiting one of the favourite novels of my adolescence: Stephen King‘s The Stand… 161 more words


Young girl beautiful: a review of surveys by natasha stagg

Another needull which is a book review! I seem to be in a literary mood this week. Surveys is a novel by Natasha Stagg which tells the story of a girl who becomes celebrity suddenly. 230 more words



Check out Joan Hawkins’s review at 3:AM Magazine. An excerpt:

“Some of the stories are long, moving gracefully between present and past lives. Some are quite short, a few pages, that operate like brief shot sequences (rather than fully fleshed out scenes) within the larger movie of the narrator’s life. 134 more words

On 2016

My reading year in review, in which I lament this awful year, is up now at 3:AM.

I’ll be burning thigh bones for the rest of December in the hope of an improved 2017.


Stephen Emmerson's Family Portraits on Steven Fowler's 3 am top reads list

Good times for Stephen Emmerson’s Family Portraits which is if p then q’s first venture into hardback books.

Emmerson is criminally underrated, he should be seen as a major, pioneering figure of the British avant garde and his work from publisher If P Then Q furthers that reputation. 21 more words

If P Then Q

Tristan Foster: Don DeLillo and the obsessions of the lonely

We remain death-bound, this is our only trajectory. That clichéd but critical binary: life and death. The only binary, maybe. Or the only one that matters, because I want to live, I don’t want to die, I want to go on writing this.

93 more words