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Colin Berry’s and My 3D Plotting Problems

Having said all this, I do doubt Colin can get good, shroud-like 3D from his flour-power model.
I am willing to be proven wrong.

A reader from Baltimore writes: 591 more words


3D Dragon Comics #1!

There’s a type of psychological intervention known as Sand Table Play Therapy, which basically involves arranging objects and figurines in a tray of sand. Sand is nice, but it also goes everywhere and I don’t really think it’s all that integral to the actual symbolic actions that comprise this treatment, which is basically about forcing rigid adult minds to become malleable enough to throw off the limitations of maturity engage in meaningful play. 252 more words


Opening Pandora's Box: Meet My Demons

Felt like working with my hands and taking a break from the tablet and webcomics, so I reached for the Sculpey, and, as inspiration tends to steer me, went to the weirdest place. 291 more words


Female Model Practice Session #1

This was something I put together today. It’s far from done, but I was pleasantly surprised that the mirror feature in Maya 2016 helped me to sort out my topology more quickly (and efficiently) than in previous versions. 101 more words


Nike Street League Skateboarding 2014 Reel

Video + C4D integration.

Art Director: Barton Damer
3D Animator: EJ Hassenfratz
Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects

Nike Street League Skateboarding 2014 Reel from EJ Hassenfratz on Vimeo.