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Maya 2016 - Blendshape Testing

I was happy to be able to mess around with the new blendshapes and now I can finally render the resultsĀ in Mentalray! Shoutout to Lorraine Wilkinson for helping me locate the download I needed via the autodesk knowledge base site (never would’ve thought to look there to be honest, when they said it could be downloaded from the same site you got Maya from I assumed that meant I had to look on the autodesk education page). 107 more words


Renderman Non-Commercial Testing

It was a bummer that I went to test Maya 2016 out and found that Mentalray had to be downloaded separately. I couldn’t find it in the list of educational software (my student license should allow me to use pretty much anything there for free as long as I don’t use it commercially) , I’m hoping that doesn’t mean it’s no longer available. 496 more words


Artists Bring the Streets To Life with 3D Art

2D street art, such as graffiti and stencil art, is nothing new. For decades street artists have been transforming cold concrete streets and allies into feasts for the eyes. 531 more words

"out Of The Box" Art

Sculpting Exercise (More Heads)

I felt like firing up Sculptris today, so I’ve been farting around with heads for the past hour or so. I thought I had it installed but apparently not, so I downloaded it again. 116 more words


Project 4: Superimposed Images Photoshop Touch

I was looking up superimposed/photoshopped images together and came across Renaissance and classical paintings with faces of cats instead of faces of the actual subjects, and thought it was such a great idea that it inspired me to do this image. 20 more words