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3D Room Project

In Matt’s lesson we were given another project to do. The task was to model, uv unwrap, texture and render our own 3D room. We had the choice of doing a room from our house or creating a room on a spaceship. 497 more words


O Christmas Tree

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The C word. I can’t believe it, does it seem five minutes since the last…?

It probably feels that way because, while Christmas is a wonderfully static holiday, … 364 more words


Lighting and Rendering

  • Directional Light – light that travels in a specific direction, all the rays go the same way
  • Ambient Light – light that already exists in a scene; natural light (from windows) or artificial light (from lamp).
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In this lesson with Matt we started actually adding texture to our models. Since i hadn’t finished uv unwrapping my spaceship, i was allowed to use Matt’s exemplar one (the following photos are of his model not mine). 160 more words


UV Unwrapping

After modelling a 3D object the next logical step is to add texture to it. But before imagery can be added, the model first needs to be uv unwrapped. 287 more words


Playstation VR

In class everyone got the opportunity to try out games in VR. There were two platforms, i don’t remember what the other one was but the one that i had a go of was the PlayStation VR. 103 more words


Next Dimension: Mill Cottage

Wandering around these vast expanses of broadland, there’s always the chance that you’ll come through the reeds and trees only to uncover the hidden retreat of someone despicably fortunate. 455 more words