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Jail Model

This is my progress on the Jailhouse model. Since one person isn’t making all the models, they could be wildly different sizes and not fit together in Unity. 71 more words

Personal Projects

6 Months

I just want to stop by and talk about work. I just realized I don’t really talk about my job much because I don’t think it’s…polite? 900 more words

Stuff From My Life

Reviving Millionaire

With the announcement that Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is coming back for a week of twentieth anniversary specials, I was compelled to get in on this and throw a revival of my own. 333 more words


Jailhouse Ideas

One of our game’s levels is called Dusty Ridge. It will have 3D models in the background, all themed around wild west towns. Since there is a lot of 3D based work to do, the modellers in our team need some help. 54 more words

Personal Projects



Day two of huddling up with this icy stuff. I wasn’t really expecting to be following up so swiftly, but weather is weather, and with the year as slow as it’s been so far, I’m certainly not complaining! 106 more words


Ice Caps

I’m sure everyone knows what the weather is like and you certainly won’t need me to repeat every weatherperson on TV. But I shall. It’s four degrees below freezing, the wind is howling. 449 more words


Spider-Man: Homecoming - GFX/VFX Reel

Cantina’s VFX team, led by Venti Hristova and Stephen Lawes, worked with Production VFX Supervisor Janek Sirrs and Director Jon Watts to create over 200 shots for Spider-Man: Homecoming. 21 more words