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The ZX Spectrum

At the risk of developing square eyes, another attempt at computing modelling using a computer, and moving into the eighties we have the legendary ZX Spectrum, developed by one Clive Sinclair. 553 more words


Game On

Now we can play Pong at home!

With another veritable brainwave, I decided to have a look at some home computers and consoles for 3D inspiration. 305 more words


Asset Peer Review

In Matt’s lesson today we had to review our 3D Assets. We were given numbers so we could get into pairs, and then we had to give each other feedback on our models. 43 more words

Personal Projects

Steel Cage Challenge

In one of those ‘why didn’t I try this years ago?’ moments, I thought I’d have a go at modelling a WWF wrestling ring, replete with the classic blue bar steel cage of the eighties and nineties. 394 more words


Cactus Asset

Today in Matt’s lesson, i began modelling the low poly version of my 3D asset. I first created a sphere and reduced it’s devisions until i was happy. 52 more words

Personal Projects


Ah, the stream.

It’s one of those natural spots where you could happily wile away hours at a time, watching the water trickle along. As transpired with the piece above, the setting is just as meditative to draw, which was just as well, really. 145 more words


Hotel from Portal 2 (Part 2)

Added some gently bevelled wall panels and baseboards/trim (with the exception of that section of wall with the beach mural). The carpet texture has been replaced with one from my own library (an ugly brown, which will be worked into a slightly less ugly green), but is still procedural and will remain that way until I’m happy with the overall look of the suite, then I’ll fix up all my UV maps and start working in Photoshop.Lastly, I’ll leave with a mock-up of my scene lighting. 33 more words