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DevLog #9 One More Creature Done

Hey guys, long time no see!

I’ve been working a lot on the battle system and it is taking more time than what I expected, too much details (and by details I mean small rules) to implement, test and test and test. 122 more words


Next Dimension: Ejector Seat

The wild ride in store for this edition is another at the scary end of the park, and surely one of the most ominous of all –  453 more words


Next Dimension: Speak & Spell


Inspired by Charlie, who sadly left these chaps out of his retro toy series – the Speak & Spell and Speak & Maths had to settle for this place instead, turned into 3D models. 188 more words


As group,we worked 👏🏻

We worked in groups, what gives the work more dynamic and help us on the diversity of ideas. We thought at first we must design something new in any way possible, where we were working paper muffin molds.We discussed what the thing that made we want, then we decided that everyone who works on something and then try to combine it with some, we did it and it was fun and informative that we are doing and debating Achteraatna and we made them and when we startedMaking our work, our instructor told us that we must make one form and choose the way to connection all the pieces together.There was not enough time, so we decided to make small flowers then connection with each other to become a throat.after that we did the same to other side to have a 3D object. 56 more words


Outcome 1 - 3D


The company Pixar is an American company that specialises in doing children’s movies or shorts and are very well known all around the world.  Pixar’s most prominent use of technology is computers to run software which allows them to design concept works, produce storyboards, and most significantly modelling and animating software which allows them to create high quality 3D animations for their films. 345 more words

Creative Development And Animation

Next Dimension: Skymaster

Back to the theme park we trot for another frolic with the third dimension. This time we have The Skymaster – not an exclusive moniker; the most common I found in researching was the rather more ominous  340 more words


Free Voronoi Generator Plugin for C4D courtesy of Dominik Ruckli!!!

Voronoi Generator is a plugin that lets you generate 2D Voronoi Diagrams or create Delaunay Triangulation!!!
It’s FREE!!!

Thanks Dominik Ruckli!!!

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