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Creature Conception using Zbrush

I imported my shell into zbrush and began creating a body and head that fit into the shell. I used a ton of reference from turtles and humans. 43 more words


3D Project

Hello. I’ve been dabbling with 3D modeling (using Blender) for some days now, made this to get a feel for our team’s new project. Personally I’m a real sucker for low poly modeling, there’s some amazing looking things people do with such limitations. 45 more words


Turtle Shell

I decided that with a pretty good idea of what I want the shell to look like it was time to try it out. I went into 3DS Max and Modelled a quick shell. 163 more words


Various 2015 Arizona SuperBowl Elements

Various Frontends/Backends/Opens/Essays/Vignettes created for 2015 ESPN Super Bowl Coverage.

Art Direction: Lucas Nickerson
Editor: Jeremy Anderson
VFX/Animation: Dale Harney

Various 2015 Arizona SuperBowl Elements from dale harney on Vimeo.


Researchers develop revolutionary 3D printing technology


A 3D printing technology developed by Silicon Valley startup, Carbon3D Inc., enables objects to rise from a liquid media continuously rather than being built layer by layer as they have been for the past 25 years, representing a fundamentally new approach to 3D printing. 268 more words

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Digital Media - Projection Mapping and Artists

Projection Artworks 

Projection Artworks explore the discipline of projection in many forms, from 3D, 4D, indoor and outdoor mapping, to event, advertising and architectural projections, video walls, installations and immersive and 360-degree displays. 273 more words

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Digital Media - Projection Mapping

What is Projection Mapping?

3D projection is any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane. As most current methods for displaying graphical data are based on planar two-dimensional media, the use of this type of projection is widespread, especially in computer graphics, engineering and drafting.


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