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Next Dimension: Teacups

Finally that swirling staple of any decent theme park, the tea cups, has founds its way into my 3D design. What could possibly be more exciting than slowly revolving while sitting in a big cup of tea? 503 more words


Next Dimension: Rock-O-Plane

Back to the fairground! We’ve not paid a visit for some time, so there’s bound to be a new ride for us all to refuse to go on. 227 more words


3D Box WIP

I thought I’d post something new I’ve been working on every now and then in Maya and Photoshop. It’s a small wooden treasure chest of sorts. 50 more words



I think mine project is  a chance project. A big part of the chance is find out some o the materials that using to create project. 62 more words


The Handsome Pork Butcher by Francis Picabia

The Handsome Pork Butcher (1924)

Picabia significantly reworked the painting, making a additional complex picture by superimposing An female face onto those first male representation What’s more trading those assortment of composition components for Exactly combs. 38 more words


Project recap

In class, we heard to different sounds as water sound, wind, laughter…etc.

Then we described  the sounds by lines so we end with different type of lines. 172 more words


Deciduous Molecules

Incomplete cubes, this was a practical basis of my work. i started build my work without thinking of specific shape which i will end by.  i used sides to be connection way. 167 more words