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Yet another trawl through the Broadland in my mind and further attempts to develop this brisk aesthetic. Yet more fun.

After last time I began thinking about the woodland walks beside the waterways, the boathouses and the windmills, for they are often the means of getting to those places. 139 more words


Clayrack Drainage Mill

Back to resplendence for a moment, as this model has been sitting around for about a month now, waiting to say hello. Here is Clayrack Drainage Mill, a small but very impressive hollow-post pump which dates back to the early 19th century, with its career ending in 1903. 249 more words


Animation Production Week Two



I like the design I put on the sword to make it look like you’d find a similiar type of sword in Game of Thrones or even in any Medieval Movie or TV Show. 141 more words


New Vue

As we bid Father Christmas farewell for another year, I do hope all of you had fun seeing in the new year. With new year comes a perceived push to refresh and explore new things – exciting new software being among those things… well, for me at least! 318 more words


Christmas at Mill Cottage

It’s only a week until Father Christmas comes! Is there any better time to experiment?

In perhaps the height of my festivity so far this year, I got hold of a free snow plugin for Cinema 4D, MagicSnow.  171 more words


To the Future

I don’t normally post works in progress, but this is rather a large work, and so the progression might warrant a change to the usual. After much needless hesitation, I have… 421 more words


3D Room Project

In Matt’s lesson we were given another project to do. The task was to model, uv unwrap, texture and render our own 3D room. We had the choice of doing a room from our house or creating a room on a spaceship. 497 more words