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Dragon Affirmations

It’s been a roller coaster of a week. I have seriously failed to clear off the top of my desk for five consecutive days. In fact, in trying to put the front room back together following some drywall improvements and in advance of a visit from my father-in-law and his new bride, I ended up dumping a bunch more stuff on the desk. 102 more words


A Barrel of Monkeys

When you think about it, a barrel of monkeys sounds like a real nightmare. Once you open it up, the cat’s out of the bag, so to speak. 183 more words


Sport team Logo 3D


I personally think both teams Phoenix Suns and Charlotte Hornets have well designed logo. So, I made these two logos as 3D modeling using the… 67 more words


Xpresso rig Fence Generator rig by Peter Holweg!!!

Peter Holweg created an incredible Xpresso rig!!! It’s a Cinema 4D Fence Generator!!!

Thanks to The Pixel Lab for the link!!!


New Free C4D Xpresso Rig Fence Generator

The Definitive Word on 3D from OK?

In essence, Jackson & Jumper took the crude photo of the Shroud, determined location of 13 characteristic points on the face, determined their vertical coordinates on the model, determined the relative intensity of those points with VP-8 (much more primitive than ImageJ we use today), plotted linear regression, obtaining as a parameter max range of 3.7 cm, calculated correlation coefficient, determining that almost certainly there is at least some correlation, and then compared it with the profile for the whole front image of the Shroud.

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