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Delirium Fish Headpiece

The final piece for my Delirium cosplay: a cloud of fishes floating around my head. Turned out to be a good thing that I couldn’t find any prefabricated fish ornaments because these origami fish are banging and jamming and swimmingly wonderful, plus, you know, extra layer of surreality. 174 more words


Hench 4 Life!

If you’ve never watched The Venture Brothers, none of this can possibly make sense to you, but if you do watch The Venture Brothers… 201 more words


UV Unwrapping...


I have had a attempt at a UV unwrapping but  I believe I have had a lot of misfortune in the task due to not being able to grasp the tools or how to do it. 112 more words


Next Dimension: To the Next Zone!

The Crystal Maze makes a return to television this Sunday as part of Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer season.

This alone, I confess, has been hard to get too excited about; filmed at the Live Experience inside an office block, I’m naturally expecting an episode somewhat less spectacular than its namesake is noted for. 402 more words


It's Not a Table Set for Ants

My actual kitchen table is 50% kitchen table and 50% workbench/junk drawer/stuff The Man doesn’t know what to do with, but I can set some lovely miniature tables with dishes and fruit and vegetables. 170 more words


I have decided to base my ship off the Ebon Hawk, Dynamic-Class Freighter.

The ship has a lot of different smooth and sharp edges on the ship design. 440 more words


Next Dimension: Manhattan 1993

In quite the change of scenery, we move away from the sedateness Norfolk Broads and look at structures of a rather larger architectural scale.

I initially wanted to have a go at the Empire State Building, but sadly Cinema 4D was insistent in this not happening, slowing to a crawl if not grinding to a complete standstill when trying to build. 269 more words