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Travel Diary: Art in Island

Since high school days (or elementary days?), I have been inclined with music and arts. I studied at an Art school before and that made me like music and arts more. 343 more words

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3D Art - Take 4

Assuming any males can see there is a lion in this picture, a wonderful example of 3D art.


A Long delayed update

Okay, I remember I said I was 3/4 of the way through the next manuscript, but unfortunately as I progressed further and further, I realized that I was writing myself into a corner, so I’ve had to make some significant changes and additions to book 4, AKA Memorythief, so I can move the story along and be able to tell other stories in the future. 107 more words


3D Art - Take 3

I keep expecting the cat to jump up to get the thing the boy is holding.