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Essentials for texturing characters and creating quality human skin for real time rendering.

Ok. I’ll make this post simple. Think in layers. Regardless of your style, semi-realistic or quality texturing for human skin is so much easier once you start thinking in layers. 151 more words

Real Time rendering Sub-surface light scattering and glow. Shaders and sub layer material expression.

My recent obsession to create a production system for character creation and texturing has been a well needed positive experience in the craft and Action Shader Programming has been astoundingly productive. 110 more words

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Redacted : Hired Gun - free game beta screenshots

Hey gang!

I must admit that I’m a little excited about this. Simply because A) it looks very statisfying to me and B ) the terrible horrors that have been reported to me have not occured. 224 more words


Action Shader Programming. Visual expression through shader variable gestural programming.

The concept of Action Shader Programming is in essence embracing a fundamental gesture of shader programming in simpler forms to express a computational or visual direction that only exists within an understood canvas of computation, mathematical theory and artistic perception of techniques for visual expression. 709 more words

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Action Texturing. Modern action painting for expression, production and creative movement.

With lighthearted and pretentious sarcasm regarding an example of Action Texturing, I offer this piece for consideration. Sand Blind In Virtual Dark

Action Texturing and Simple Shaders. A philosophy for artistic expression and materials in Real Time Rendering.

Sometimes, you just have to express the action of a method. Like many modern 3d artists and hobbyist graphics or visual effects developers, I’ve frequently desired to move away from photo references and structured effort in hopes of truly ‘painting’ in 3d. 913 more words

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In your face 3d rendering. More on simple shaders for stylish real time rendering and character skin texture.

In the previous post I introduced a basic shader and imitation of a Cook-Torrance method for rendering character skin and decided to test the same technique for character faces up close . 569 more words

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