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Animation: Bouncing Ball (fox characteristic)

One of the fundamentals of animation is the bouncing ball animation. The 12 principles of animation are easily seen in the bouncing ball animation. Squash and stretch are considered the most important of the principles (Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas (1981). 212 more words

3D Art

Model creation Final

My Final for My model creation class is complete. The project did take longer then I expected but was still blast to build.  We basically had to choose one of the scenes provided and then model the whole scene and match it to the image.


Material Study: Gold

So after playing with my gold shader some more, I realized it just didn’t look realistic enough. Instead I am going to be showcasing some more realistic materials. 139 more words

3D Art

Challenge Accepted

“Challenge Accepted” is the name of this particular Aura Lockhaven image. Aura is somewhat naive, so she gets knocked down more than she would like. But she always comes up fighting. 343 more words


Atlantis Remixed: Doctor's Cure

A while ago, I worked on a project called Atlantis Remixed: Doctor’s Cure. It was a game produced by the Center for Games and Impact at Arizona State University. 134 more words

3D Art

Projects Update #8

Hey everyone! I have a very small update for this week. I didn’t get much done, mainly because some family stayed over at my house. I did start setting up the materials and lighting on Sintel though. 73 more words

3D Art