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Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog -- Lorraine Corrigan

These gorgeous papier-mâché dogs are made by UK-based artist Lorraine Corrigan in Hounds of Bath.

Lorraine adores sight hounds with their sleek lines, grace and elegance. 129 more words

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Hello my dears,

How is the weekend going on for you? I had an overload of ice-cream last night after dinner, and now my throat aches and I’m feel terribly unwell. 68 more words

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Progress Update: Adding in the Engines

Hello everyone,

My progress thus far has focused on the stern still. Now that I’ve added in the engines and some more stuff to the bridge, I’m getting a much better idea of what the rest of the warship will look like. 139 more words

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Progress Update: Gothic Windows

So today my modeling focused a lot on smaller details and once more on adding geometry to the stern. I’ve also started modeling the Gothic cathedral windows. 159 more words

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Kitbashed MWO assets and a Panzer III to make a Bulldog Tank for Battletech. 9 more words

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Wish I had a slinky

Grand staircase for the Atlantis level of sole. These staircases separate the various tiered districts of the city, and so I wanted them to be particularly ornate (like everything else in the city), since the inhabitants would have to travel these every day. 11 more words

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Knock knock

Gatehouse model for the Atlantis level of Sole.

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