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Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.2.2

Added the 8th reverb mode to Muze! Only one more to go!

  • Added new reverb mode Zyphire (#8) for bloom and airy-wash effects.
  • Fully flush buffers of Reverb Hedera when reset…
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What and why?

What is 3D Audio and where we are today?

3D audio is more authentic to our ears than 2D stereo. 3D audio gives the listener a sense of space and creates more awareness for the sounds around by being able to identify the sound source in the space. 496 more words

3D Audio

My virtual reality world

‘I have come to hate my devices,’ the vicar said.

My eyes squinted. ‘You mean vices,’ I clarified.

No no. The vicar was referring to his alarm clock. 359 more words


Muze (v.1.2.1) and Aeko (v.1.2.3) Plugins Update

Added the 7th reverb mode to Muze and made performance upgrades to Aeko.

Muze 1.2.1 Features
  • Added new reverb mode Hedera (#7) for creating dispersion effects and lush tails…
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Muze (v.1.2.0) and Aeko (v.1.2.2) Plugins Update

Added a preset browser to the GUI for the Muze and Aeko plugins after several requests by Ableton Live users. Ambisonics encoding for Aeko coming soon! 79 more words


Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.8

Second maintenance update for the Muze plugin combining hotfixes from v. 1.1.7a:

  • Updated GUI and manual
  • Increased reverb time knob’s resolution with log-gearing on mouse scroll and drag.
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