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Aeko Plugin Updated to v. 1.2.0

Another feature update for the Aeko plugin, adding some controls for post delay-line effects.

  • Added 8 post-processing/pre-distortion filters (low/high pass, low/high resonant, low/high 3 octave resonant, low/high tilt resonant) under the Dist.
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Aeko Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.0

Updated the Aeko plugin with some new functionality, features, and minor fixes.

  • Added 6 selectable distortion functions under the Force menu
  • Anti-aliased all distortion functions…
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Muze: 6-Reverb Shootout!

Quick tutorial/demo video on the different reverb modes of the Muze plugin.

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Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.6

Updated the Muze plugin to version 1.1.6, adding a sixth reverb algorithm called Osmose to the selection.

New Features:
  • Osmose: A detuned & underwater reverb effect for creating smooth to tense, dreamy to eerie pads.
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Zip wire with OpenGL

Express yourself!

Not today, he said rather sheepishly, whilst buttoning his lambswool coat. I need to exit, for some cigarettes.

I told him to take the zip wire. 465 more words


Aeko: 3D Dub/Delay/Reverb

Aeko is a Dub/Delay/Reverb plugin (VST/AU) that integrates a multi-effect feedback delay-line architecture with a 3D binaural far/near field panner. Motivated by the human ear’s abilities to separate sound-sources beyond traditional 2D stereo fields, Aeko turns simple samples and short loops into rich sequences arranged in both the 3D acoustic field and time. 263 more words

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Preview! Aeko: 3D Dub/Delay Plugin

New dub/delay plugin, based on the 3D panner design from the Muze plugin. Launch date is sometime this month!

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