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Phong lighting model and 3D audio

‘You are not to go out in public,’ I told Arkwood, ‘Not after Tesco’.

He spun an elastic band on his index finger. ‘I needed the toilet, that’s all.’ 365 more words


Mid Point review - reflection

Apart from the direct feedback on my work the clear benefit for me was needing to spend time engaging with everyones work and preparing comments, hearing others comments. 304 more words


Collision detection and audio

‘What happens to my crusty shell when I die?’ Arkwood spoke like a child. But he was a woodlouse.

I told him that I did not have time for mortal musing. 729 more words



Hello and welcome to my audio programming blog where I talk all things related to DSP, maths, and plugins. Some specific areas that I will be covering in future posts: 19 more words


Virtual Reality development with Oculus Rift

Arkwood – my scrawny and feverishly sordid Belgian buddy – said it again:

‘Build me a synthetic world! I must escape this natural hell!’ Strangely poetic for him. 1,268 more words


3D Audio with Oculus Rift

Peters was scrubbing his toes. I said.

‘Imagine hearing muffled footsteps behind you. You turn around and can now hear the footsteps perfectly clear. There is a man walking towards you with a hammer, ready to commit a bloody death.’ 804 more words


Concert-hall Acoustics (3/3)

Pätynen, J., & Lokki, T. (2016). Concert halls with strong and lateral sound increase the emotional impact of orchestra music. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 139(3), 1214-1224. 205 more words