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Efficient Rendering

There are a few ways to make 3d game rendered efficiently, depending on which hardware are being used, rendering level that choosen by the user is also crucial to make a efficient rendering. 101 more words

3D Development

3D Coding

To make a game run at good performance,but, still have a good graphic level, there are way for the developer. Coding is the way, developer can use so many coding, like Crysis game, it’s a eye popping 15.000 code, just for a game. 55 more words

3D Development

General Ambient Occlusion

Ambient occlusion is a technology used for directing the light. SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion), is one improved version of ambient occlusion.
When SSAO can be runned in GPU only, GAO can be runned in both ways, CPU or GPU, and both of them. 200 more words

3D Development

Things To Consider Related To Video Game Development

Different games are here to satisfy our own fun and fantasies. Majority of today’s generation consider video games as part of their life. Few people have dreamt of building a game of their own, and few have been successful. 282 more words


Proscenium framework tutorial

In this tutorial you’ll take a look at several different ActionScript class files that are used to create 3D sample projects with the Proscenium framework, an ActionScript 3 code library built on top of the Adobe Flash Platform Stage3D APIs that allows for rapid development of interactive 3D content. 223 more words


Proscenium - Easily and rapidly develop interactive 3D content in Flash

Welcome to the preview release of “Proscenium” (codename). Proscenium is an ActionScript 3 code library built on top of the Adobe® Flash® Platform Stage3D APIs that allows for rapid development of interactive 3D content. 90 more words


3 Blogs- Education, Fun and Boxing Granny

“Su corazon se paro” His heart stopped! That was all my grandfather understood about heart disease when his son passed away.  “I want a 3D game”, cried the 6 year old boy, to his already confused grandmother at the game shop.  744 more words