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[NOTES] Creating an Hourglass in 3DS Max

[1] Start off with a Cylinder. Change the Parameters: Radius to 20.0, Height to 100.0, Height Segments to 10 and Sides to 20.

[2] Right click the object itself, and Convert To > Editable Poly. 505 more words

3D Game Design

[NOTES] How to Simply Unwrap a UVW on an Object in 3DS Max

[1] Create the object you want to texture. Here I just created a random object which I will be unwrapping through this.

[2] On the side bar, just on the right, click the drop down menu which is at the top. 1,002 more words

3D Game Design

[NOTES] Creating a Bowl in 3DS Max

[1] Make a cylinder on the stage and change the Parameters: Radius to 40.0, Height to 35.0, Height Segments to 1.0, and Sides to 14.0. This will make a nice start to creating a bowl shape. 287 more words

3D Game Design

[NOTES] Creating a Hook in 3DS Max

[1] First you begin with a basic cylinder, with the parameters as follows: Radius to 10.0, Height to 60.0, and Sides to 12.0. This will make a low poly rounded cylinder which will be used as a handle. 769 more words

3D Game Design

[NOTES] Creating a Bridge in 3DS Max

[1] Create a cube from the Create button at the right of the screen. Change its height to 35cm, width and length to 5cm. This will make a perfect widget for the bridge fence. 656 more words

3D Game Design

[NOTES] Creating a Sign on 3DS Max

[1] You start off with a simple spline for the sign. Go to the side bar, click on the Shape tab and select Line. From here, go to the bottom of the page where you can change your Viewport and change it to Front. 612 more words

3D Game Design