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Beyond the Infinite Abyss - Fighting Test #ScreenshotSaturday

Hi All! I am currently adding features to the fighting mechanics of Beyond the Infinite Abyss, adding particles and trails to the attacks to show off more force given by the player.

Hope you like it. [d]

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A Trick of Light - Another Take

The reality we are experiencing right now is the most immersive simulation you can ever hope to find. It’s like putting on a VR (Virtual Reality) helmet… 656 more words


Oculus Rift App Development: How much it requires?

With Oculus Rift, virtual reality generation is now and here. However it takes a little more time in reaching all over the world, but it is here – no more in the future. 569 more words

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NES 3D Emulator

So i was looking for something to talk about and yesterday I found this article about some game developer having an emulator that when you play any NES game it add the 3D effect to it. 156 more words

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Let’s Bring Cinema at Home with Newly Launched VR Glasses

You are having a smart phone with 3D effects, 3D movies and games, but not able to enjoy the flare of virtual reality because of  the lack of virtual reality technology so just grab the newly launched VR glasses. 248 more words

Newest Casino Game Try FREE!

Try This Game FREE! Casino Games At Skin Care Wonders Entertain Yourself With The Best Games And Buy The Best Anti-Aging Products Look For Under The Bed… 24 more words

Zombie Bear 3D Game

Zombie Bear 3D Game is coming to your iPhone and Android devices. It’s been my learning experience developing for iPhone and Android, and it will be ready for you to download.  29 more words

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