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VR Box—Virtual Reality Glasses Review


First off, I’ve always wanted to try out this ‘Virtual Reality’ thing. It was a dream come true when I had this right at my doorstep. 242 more words


The Movies

The man seated next to me during opening night of the new Marvel movie was alone and proceeded to chew loudly on his fingernails throughout the entirety of the film. 159 more words

Absalom's Journal

Day 87: Shadows are beautiful

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Technology companies have been on a PR blitz since late last year, indoctrinating anyone who’ll listen with the notion that an HDR television is the new must-have device for the home. 189 more words

365 Day Photos

3D Glasses for All

Most people agree that immersive 3D movies deliver a better quality experience than traditional films. At least I do, and I extend it to unusual places, including my research. 609 more words


Opinion Piece: 4K Here to Stay, VR Still Feels Gimmicky

Any time I get on the subject of television picture performance, I always have to start with what I started with as a kid. As a 33 year old today, I started as a kid with rabbit ears TV that had to be adjusted essentially every time you changed the channel and stuck on something. 488 more words


Annoying right Now: 3D Glasses

I have collected together all the 3D glasses we have been forced to buy each time we go to see a film at the cinema that happens to be 3D. 89 more words

3D Glasses

Star Wars - Stormtropper 3D Glasses

It’s very rare now that I seem to come across the limited edition and special film related 3D glasses. I do still have my Harry Potter ones from when the final film came out, and I still wear them to this day. 165 more words

Star Wars