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Lost Horizon (Pt 2)

Not much to say (to the relief of you all).

Had a few moments to clone a few parts and light up the windows / ports. 51 more words

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Lost Horizon (Ha)

I try so hard to be witty. Sorry.

I have had this Museum model of the Horizon class explorer laying around for some time now. I built it out the day Masao released the site update but never textured it. 54 more words

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Rendering pause - Idle hands

While putting together the task force render (previous post) I had a bunch of free time. My render / 3D station is old and is known to crash while doing big renders so I had to babysit it. 243 more words

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The Past, Complete

Meaning I got around to creating an image with that updated Conqueror!

A fair bit of drama on this as my poor old rendering station ran into an issue when I created this. 66 more words

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The past… Pt.3

I believe I am now finished with the fixes to the mesh and the textures. The ships bussards are crap so they will get redone in final scenes. 34 more words

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Morgan Aero 8/Environment WIP_2

Having some time off, work has resumed. Primarily to touch up the silhouette of the car itself. But clearly I’ve spent the time modelling up the boot aspect. 84 more words

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The past... Pt.2

Plugging away on texture recreation for the Conqueror. Have my hull textures (mostly) done. The bump and specular maps as well. A few slight adds likely needed and then on to the nacelles and turrets. 11 more words

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