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Cruiser (Honor Harrington) Part 2

More updates on the Honor Harrington Manticorian cruiser. I cloned almost all the small parts that make up the hatches, missile ports and do-dads. I applied texture treatments to all these elements as well. 94 more words

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Found - Uranus Class image

As time permits I continue to go through all my dispersed and unorganized, offline stored, files and came across the image below. It was a PSD file that I never saved out as a finished file. 62 more words

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More Lost Cause Modelling

Between past disk crashes, lost backups and – well, to be honest – a lack of proper organization, I have lost and misplaced a ton of CG projects over the years. 215 more words

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Cruiser (Honor Harrington)

Back to my (slowly) growing fleet inspired by the Honor Harrington universe.

This has to be my 5th (ish) version of a Manticoran style cruiser. I worked out, again, various scale issues and such to try and compensate for the inconsistencies found in the novels. 174 more words

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All finished. Finally.

As a reminder, full disclosure, original design by Masao Okazaki seen in the Star Fleet Museum.

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Pulldownit nominated for the CG Awards 2015

Proud to say Pulldownit plugin has been nominated for the CG Awards 2015 in the “best plugin” category.

Each year theĀ  CG awards by 3D World magazine, rewards theĀ  finest art and best tools for animation and VFX. 42 more words