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Quake at St.Lawrence Church By Luis Tejeda

Luis Tejeda has posted a new video showing a cinematic action shot where a church tower collapses during an earthquake. The scene is a recreation of the real environment and setting of the San Lorenzo Church in Cordoba, Spain. 18 more words

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Off the Res – pt 4

Spent way too much time screwing around with portholes! I did all kinds of treatments and then settled on applying actual room images (like they first did in Voyager). 76 more words

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Next Project

I think its time to move on to other projects. Starting with the environment piece of a crashed submarine stranded upon the icy Antarctic shelf. Practising more hard surfacing modelling but also using the substance package for the texturing process. 20 more words

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Off the Res - pt 3

More texture tweaking and an additional part added. To be fair, all the parts are done and just need to be textured.

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More from 'Off the Reservation'

Long time since anything posted here. Not unusual for me though, right? :)

Real life has been busy and taken the few time slices away that I have had for modelling fun. 95 more words

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Off the Reservation (again!)

I have had this project idea brewing for a couple of years (based on the file date) that I got re-interested in. A result of going through various folders and thumb drives – etc. 176 more words

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