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Puffin (not Penguin)

As noted in the Swordfish post of yesterday, I also plan on adding the Penguin Puffin fighter that the Swordfish carries. This is finished but lacks textures. 29 more words

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Swordfish Carrier (revisited) - Pt 1

A sort time ago I was looking through some project files I would like to get back to. One that I thought was a slam dunk was my Swordfish carrier mesh that had partial textures. 177 more words

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Submarine Wreck

One project done and out the way. This has been a good learning curve project in using Substance Painter for all my texturing needs. This makes my work easier and professionally. 9 more words

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Submarine Wreck Practice Texture

Having spent today digital painting the submarine wreck in Substance Painter, it has become easier and easier to replace Photoshop as my main form of texturing.  95 more words

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Happy Late New Year Start

Its been over 4 months since my last post and already late into the New Year. Nevertheless with an update with my portfolio website with fresh ideas to take me well into most of the year to keep me busy. 484 more words

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29/01/2016 - 3D Modelling

Today we had a lecture on semiotics (the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation) and how they can be implemented to improve game play. 111 more words

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Model - Mesh - Model

Odd title but make sense to me. I had toyed a few months back (probably longer) at making some of my meshes into 3D printed kits. 236 more words

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