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MYRSKY - renderings

I had this model for a while, was curious to see it rendered.

Modeled in Blender and rendered in VRED.


Made my Own Body-kun/Body-Chan for testing

For experimental purposes, I measured a Body-Kun and test printed it for 3d modeling purposes. My guess Is I can make 3d printable armor pieces and test them on body-kun then scale them up human size.   264 more words


Animation 3 - OLD MAN Blocking 1

Before I started animating, I needed a cane to work with the animation and the rig. So I quickly 3D modeled a cane. I was afraid it would not animate properly so I made a rig Christina showed me back in the beginning of this course… 145 more words

3D Modeling

AED70: A Wand Holder

A continuation of yesterday’s 3D modeling for my remote control!

This took a disgustingly long amount of time, especially considering all I was trying to do was to chop up an STL. 81 more words


Project 2

Oh boy, I sure did disappear there for a bit. I’ve been busy with other classes and managing my finances (albeit very poorly). Anyways, this next project was a group project. 98 more words

Student Work

AED69: A Wand Holder!

I needed something to hold the remote control wand. Pretend the little cactuses don’t look like cactuses. It looks pretty simple, but this actually took a while to make because my 3D modeling skills are close to none. 16 more words



Graphic Design Work

  • Homepage made in Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign, Art Work Provided by R. Tegtmeyer
  • Recreation of Street View in Illustrator
  • Recreation of Russian Nesting Doll in Illustrator…
  • 37 more words
3D Modeling