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Texture mapping info

So, this info is from Blender Guru and his YouTube video building a brick road.

There are five different types of texture maps used. You can’t just use a color map (diffuse map) to achieve realistic textures. 63 more words

3D Modeling

3 of the best 2D and 3D modeling software in the market

This blog was originally posted by Creativedok. There is always a plan, a structural design to everything that we use today, be it a TV, or a BMW, or even a small microchip. 376 more words

Against the Flow: Reconstructive Modeling of a Watermill

As an archaeologist, my first experience with modeling came almost as an afterthought to my thesis work. I had an opportunity to present my work as a poster during the Southeastern Archaeology Conference in Athens, Georgia and wanted to show people in a readily accessible visual format what the watermill structure looked like prior to the weather, moss, and debris created what exists today. 784 more words


MYRSKY racer concept 3D iteration

This is continuation of Myrsky concept for JUKOLA7 company which specialises in building metal sheet structures. Idea of this concept would be to showcase the know-how of using metal sheet bending and lasering. 63 more words


Cargo Pod Insanity

I got a little side-tracked over the weekend in that I began working on some preliminary cargo pod illustrations. These will eventually be part of the cargo-train attachment on a few of the workbees. 2,820 more words


Haunted House (For use in project)

The large house inside the project is another piece of work I would like to showcase. I started off looking at different reference images of old mansions, and places tagged as haunted houses, from here I found that most of said houses seemed to be made out of an oak white finished wood. 318 more words

3D Modeling