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Designing a Speaker in SketchUp

I’m going to build a bluetooth speaker for my garage gym using an old set of computer speakers. I thought it would be good to plan it out in a 3D model first, so I learned how to use… 317 more words

Nick Momrik

Project updates

  • Wrap up your 10 second Run, walk, jump and gag cel animation and get it poster. You now have the 15 second cel animation of a character lip sync to do by October 9th, You choose or record the audio to work with.
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Cell Frame Animation

The Pains of UV Unwrapping: Thoughts

As many of you know, I absolutely hate UV unwrapping. It’s a fairly time consuming, tedious, and to be blunt, boring, compared to the other stages of the 3d modeling pipeline. 726 more words

3d Art

Combo meal w/ LARGE drink


I like food. It wasn’t hard to make, at least when I got comfortable with the Maya interface.

3D Modeling

Chess Set Model

As someone who has never modeled before, I found it interesting to see what I was capable of creating within Maya. I decided on modeling the Rook of the chess set, this happened to be a winged shoe. 228 more words

Imagine worlds, progress with my clock

In my previous post, I was talking about a clock I am making for my imagine worlds project, I had drawn up a concept for how I want it to look and gathered up some reference images too so I could look at it. 174 more words


Playground in unity

We have started a new project where we will be using unity to put general scripts, models and other assets into this “playground” which is our storage area to place things we can use later on in the course. 84 more words

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