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Post Apocalyptic Town.. the good days.

If you are into that kind of stuff and followed me on twitter (@chrisantz85) or at my facebook art-page (Chris Antzoulatos) you have already seen the progress of this image from the starting models to the final fully high-res textured version i hope you enjoyed it and there is more to come. 157 more words


Big Game Project Week 4

This week i have worked with UV mapping so the 2D artist could make textures for the props.

Here is a textured sign.

I have also continued on the boss mesh and it’s almost done. 153 more words


A Southern Tradition - Tea

Today’s tea is Lady Grey Tea served in a beautiful pink floral tea-cup that I came across in a little shop I visited year’s ago. 23 more words

My Personal Stories

The VoZ: New Zart & Trip

Since I’ve gone back to the drawing board with the Voyage of Zart. It gives me time to stop and look at what I already have. 500 more words


ArchiCAD - Landscape Tips and Tricks

ArchiCAD as a user friendly Architectural application is not just best for actual building design, it has a number of tools which are very useful for design freedom in terms of model enhancements. 425 more words