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Dark Matter...

So for today’s design I used an item that I bought in April last year. That probably sounds ridiculous but I bet I’m going to find older, untouched purchases as I delve deeper in to my supply bag. 47 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Mermaid Water Globe...

So I’m afraid this is going to be a design that you’re going to love or hate – water globes are certainly not for everyone. 249 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Dinosaur Dig...

So this is the design that I don’t want to take off! It took a fair while, but I think it was worth it as in my opinion it turned out well. 159 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Teddies 3D Nail Art

Teddies 3D nail art I hope you like it. so please like and comment.


BornPrettyStore: Magnet Flower Charm...

So today I’m reviewing something very playful but a little strange: it’s called a ‘Magnet Flower Charm‘ from BornPrettyStore. It’s available in 21 different colour and style options, I chose #19. 532 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Barbed Wire...

So I think this barbed wire is doing a pretty good job of keeping people off the fence. I used very fine jewellery/nailart wire┬áto make it and oh boy, did it take forever – it was so darn fiddly… Way worse than making the staples for my… 85 more words

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Flesh wounds...

So I doubt the person who did this surgical staple job went to medical school… They didn’t even bother to close the wounds before stapling them, I mean that’s a major risk of infection right there! 118 more words

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