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Things We Like To Do At The Beach

Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° Virtual Reality.

These are some of things we like to do at the beach.

Look at all the fingerprints on my 3D TV! 21 more words


It's A Wrap!

Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° Virtual Reality.

Here’s an example of how to fix the weird looking space between two 3D photos by blocking the view of the background between them with another solid wrapped around the sphere. 50 more words


Out Of The Parks And Into The Streets

Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° Virtual Reality.

Rotate this view to see three 3D photos of Bonelli Park.
This is a final test of my 360° Reverse Engineering theory before I move out of the shadows in the parks into the heat of the public streets. 29 more words


Snapchat secretly acquires Seene, a computer vision startup that lets mobile users make 3D selfies 

Snapchat has acquired 3D photo app maker Seene (also known as Obvious Engineering) a couple of months ago, TechCrunch has learned.

Seene lets you capture 3D models from your phone with a simple smartphone camera. 810 more words


Home Sweet Home

Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° Virtual Reality.

I’m finally going back to working with my favorite gag in 360° 3D virtual reality—3D photos and 3D videos! 65 more words



Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities reveals to Ahram Online details of ‘Scan Pyramids’ project

Al Ahram Oct. 21, 2015

Entitled Scan Pyramids, an international project to uncover the secrets of the pyramids, is to be implemented at the end of October, Egypt’s antiquities minister revealed to Ahram Online in an exclusive interview. 295 more words