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Making and Innovating: The Educational Leader's Role

Eat. Sleep. Create.

We have the technology, now what?

Our school has been on this technology journey for about 4 and half years now. We began with a 1:1 initiative, which is now a staple amongst our learning tools. 1,047 more words

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PETG First Print & Extruder problem solved?

This post covers two different topics that are inter-related in that I came across the solution to one while trying to carry out the other. 662 more words

3D Printing

Manual Levelling Mod to Tevo Little Monster

I’m not sure if the problem with the bed overheating in the previous video contributed to it being off, but it wasn’t true enough for the grid levelling to sufficiently compensate. 486 more words

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More glass sheets!

It seems like I’m collecting these now….

The issue with having different printing surfaces (PEI, PrintBite etc) is that you need something to put them on, I could of course just stick it straight to the heatbreak but then that would mean I’d have to use only one printing surface, and as I’ve found out, the print surfaces seem to deteriorate and change over time, requiring them to be removed for maintenance. 132 more words

3D Printing

How To Manage The Overhangs While 3D Printing

There are some 3D objects that contain overhangs beyond 45o and these offer a lot of troubles while printing them.

For instance, you need to adjust the temperature absolutely correct and ensure that the overhangs do not turn droopy or bendy, spoiling the overall aura of the object. 383 more words

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New Filament - PETG

I’m quickly running out the first reel of filament I bought for the printer which is Surreal’s solid yellow PLA. This filament has been great; it’s cheap as chips and has given me no issues. 196 more words

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More new bits!

I can’t help myself.

With the recent mods to the printer, such as the E3D v6 hotend and the heated bed MOSFET module, I’m happy that my printer is becoming more reliable. 262 more words

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