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Parametric Hinges with Tinkercad

Simple tools are great, but sometimes it is most convenient to just use something easy, and since it gets the work done, you don’t try out some of the other features. 322 more words

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Bay Area Teen Designs, Builds Prosthetic Hand for Romanian Man

LARKSPUR (KPIX) — Jaden Ramos, a sophomore at Redwood High School in Larkspur, used a 3-D printer to build a robotic hand for a man in Romania whom he’s never met, for free. 329 more words


3D Printer Enclosure

I have been working on a printer enclosure for the past month. I decided last year that I needed an enclosure for my Reprap Guru Prusa i3 printer when I coughed a little during prints even though I was printing with non-toxic filament and my prints were curling at the corners. 187 more words

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Ninjaflex Extruder Mod - Fail

This is a short little update following on from my last post attempting to 3D print with Ninjaflex filament (soft TPU):

After limited success using the stock extruder on a… 205 more words

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Drone Geniuses

How experienced are you with a 3D printer? Are you an expert, a person who has never worked with one but wishes they could, or a person who has never even heard of a 3D printer before? 557 more words


Resuming Failed 3D Prints Automatically

What happens to your 3D printer if the power goes out? What happens if there’s a jam in the nozzle? What happens if your filament breaks, runs out, or turns into a plate of spaghetti? 193 more words

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Original Prusa i3 mk3 3D printer by Josef Prusa

3D Printer :Original Prusa i3 mk3 by Josef Prusa

This printer is the newest version of the first printer that Josef Prusa made and has lots of new improvements to the first two version. 336 more words