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3D Printed Pulsar LED Watch for GI Joe 1/6 Scale

I was working on a James Bond-themed 12″ GI Joe kitbash based on the first teaser of Daniel Craig from SPECTRE, wearing a simple garb reminiscent of the duds Roger Moore wore in Live and Let Die.   129 more words

Toy Customs

Order 3D printer with special price NOW!

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What’s Included: 135 more words

3D Printer

When what you're looking for isn't what you're asking for.

What’s the worst that can happen? Really? Ok, How about ‘through no one’s intention, a virus is created that causes irreversible sterility in all human women? 2,383 more words

The Edit Mode in Blender

The Blender Edit Mode is very helpful to make some changes to your print.


When you change to the edit mode, your cube will still be selected. 33 more words

3D Printer

This suitcase is actually a portable 3D printer

Focus is a multi-material, ultra-portable 3D printer that fits within a suitcase. 

When it comes to the utmost portability, nothing says “on the go” more than a piece of luggage, right? 387 more words


Lewihe Play is a $77 3D printer for Makers

This new 3D printer from Lewihe is both extremely customizable and affordable.

As we’ve seen with pretty much all technology, whether that’s PCs, laptops or the conventional printer market, prices tend to drop to a more affordable and reasonable level in time. 280 more words

Makers Movement

Electroloom is the world's first fabric ‘3D printer’

Doin-knit and doin-knit and doin-knit well! This 3D printer can create your nightly attire moments before heading out. 

Archaeologists suggest that the art of sewing dates all the way back to the prehistoric era, nearly 25,000 years ago, where those of the last ice age would attach hide, skin, fur and bark to devise clothing and shelter with nothing more than some thread and needles — which at that time were actually made of animal bones, ivory and antler. 571 more words

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