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Dremel makes a 3D Printer?

3D Printing is the rage and I’m happy to see a reliable company like Dremel making a 3D printer. I’m not sure how well its made or the ease of use but I got excited to see it at the local hardware store. 190 more words


One Class at a Time: Shelby Elementary School

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) – Monday morning, Ms. Kristal Lawrence thought she was being put on the spot during a school assembly at Shelby Elementary School. 270 more words

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Incorporating TPE has turned out to be one of the better working ideas I have come across in this design.

In previous revisions of the watch I have used metal buttons which require a very precise fit. 35 more words



Keychain test. Designed for Craft Entertainment. Printed in dual colour ABS.


Ultimaker’s latest 3D printer features dual extruders and active bed leveling

It’s been more than three years since Ultimaker released its last major 3D printer upgrade. Sure, the Dutch company has offered up a couple of iterations on the theme, including the larger Ultimaker 2 Extended and the portable Ultimaker 2 Go (which inspired… 173 more words


Swapping E0 to E1 RAMPS 1.4

Kali ini berbagi tips tentang 3d printer yang senasip dengan saya :D, tipsnya yaitu cara swapping E0 yang ada di RAMPS 1.4 ke E1, pada kasus saya E0nya terbakar karena overcurrent ketika saya maksa memperbesar arus pada trimpot, cara berikut saya praktekkan pada firmware repetier 0.92 kalau menggunakan firware silahkan dicari2 yang penting paham konsepnya. 130 more words


OnixBot first print test

Alhamdulillah setelah melalui proses try n error akhirnya maksa juga print test dengan apa adanya karena sudah penasaran, salah satu maksanya adalah bed nya memakai tatakan kue :D , setelah kemarin cari papan dada ngga nemu eh nemunya malah tatakan kue dengan bahan plywood 4mm, ya sudah karena mmg nemunya itu ya sudah terpaksa dipasang dulu. 104 more words