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How to digitise real world objects for 3D printing

I’m stuck at home with a bad back and feeling rather sorry for myself, so this post by SV3DPRINTER was very welcome indeed. It not only gave me something else to focus on, it also gave me the tech that would make the world of Innerscape plausible rather than just possible. 304 more words


All Star Comic Con | Inky Dragon Pens

We met Jimmy and Tori of Inky Dragon Pens at All Star Comic Con. They 3D print really awesome dragon scaled pens. They have a significant assortment of colors with more coming! 17 more words

All Star Comic Con

Trackball Gets Bolt-On Button Upgrade

The question of whether to use a mouse versus a trackball is something of a Holy War on the level of Vi versus Emacs. We at Hackaday want no part of such things, use whatever you want, and leave us out of it. 257 more words

Peripherals Hacks

Demention of Manacles

Why has your loyal correspondent not done much writing, of blogs or novellas, this week?


Because your loyal and stupid correspondent has been and gone and bought himself a three-dimensional printer (for a project he can’t really talk about on here). 160 more words


Car Phone Charger Dock

My phone has wireless charging built in, and it is a wonderful feature.  Very futuristic.  I wanted this ability in my car when doing road trips or errands.  481 more words

3D Printing

The test print of the Earth-Moon Orrery

So after a couple of days of printing, and a little sanding, some assembly, and not a tiny bit of cursing, I have a printed orrery gear assembly for our Earth-Moon Orrery. 142 more words

3D Printing