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Thirty Days Of 3D Printing Filament

Our first 3D printers only printed ABS and PLA plastic. Yeah, we heard about PVA for support structures, but no one could get them to stick. 202 more words

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3D printing update!

Here at Bespoke Fantasy Costumes we’ve been away from the site for a little while, busy in the depths of 3D printing!

In our earlier blog posts we have mentioned our new 3D printer, and also shown examples of the first prints, as well as a 3D printed gun shape suitable for cos-play. 389 more words

Cake Decorator's Prostheic Arm Courtesy of Duke University's e-NABLE Chapter

Kaylyn McGuyrt lost her arm in an accident over a year ago.  She’s a cake decorator and therefore has unique demands of her prosthetic arm.  So far, she’s been through three of them and all have failed her. 23 more words

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3D Printing Buildings

Watch the video below to see how 3D printing is used to build interior scaffolding.  ABS filament mixed with other materials produces a lightweight but strong matrix.

3d Printing

Speed Run [James Bruton’s] Star Wars Builds

We’ve been following ’s builds here on Hackaday for quite a while and he has built some impressive stuff. We love how he often doesn’t cover everything up, leaving enough room to admire the working bits under the hood. 161 more words

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Overwatch Prop Gun Build Progress

I’m building an Overwatch prop gun — Lucio’s blaster — from scratch. Here are my videos for the first two parts of four(?) that I’m planning.