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A 3D Scanning a Whale

I have been playing around with a low-endish 3D scanner (Ours is Makerbot Digitizer). It has a fairly constrained scanning area so I have been starting out small with a few of my little clay sculptures. 88 more words

Design Project

3D Printed Models Helped Surgeons Prepare for World’s First Pediatric Bilateral Hand Transplant

As many 8-year-old boys do, Zion Harvey wanted to swing on the monkey bars and to pick up his little sister and swing her around as they played. 119 more words


3D Printing, Stem Cells Blur the Lines of MedTech

Once upon a time, long ago, identifying what we covered in the pages of MDT was a much easier task. There were essentially two “worlds” — the pharmaceutical “world” and the medical device “world.” Sure there were other outlier technologies that weren’t exactly grouped in either, and there were also drug delivery technologies (or combination products, if you prefer) that brought the two worlds together in one drug/device solution. 24 more words

Medical Technology

The Search for Push Button 3D Printing

If you were to believe the mainstream media, you obtain a 3D printed part by loading up the part, sending it to the printer, and a few minutes later, it pops out. 742 more words

Reinventing Design

Click, Click, Boom! It’s All About The Inrush Current Baby!

Not too long ago we got a call from a guy named Tim (we will use the name Tim just in case his employer reads this). 614 more words

3D Printer

Getting into....the 3D printing industry

In this guest post Dee Fisher, MD of 3DPrintedJobs, gives an overview of this growing industry, key job roles within it and tips for success.

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Filament drool

I’m keeping a record of all the different filaments I’m using and what their ideal conditions are in terms of nozzle temperatures for single and dual colour prints, heat bed temperature and preferred print speeds. 516 more words

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