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Tips for 3D printing clean up!

I think we’ve all been there. A print finishes, the delighted patron/maker scampers away with a project, fresh off the print plate. You go to start the next print and low and behold, the raft is still stuck to the plate. 111 more words

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Printing with Taulman 645 Nylon

Until now I did not have any problems printing all kinds of filaments including PLA, ABS, PETG and EasyWood. The first test with Nylon (Taulman 645) filament changed this though. 272 more words

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One step forward, multiple steps back.

The good news: after 7 months I finally got the metal hot-ends for my printrbot metal plus. The bad news: I need a new printrboard. The irrelevant news: I think I’ve discovered a  failure mode for printrbot’s extruder board that could be useful for other dual-extruder folks to know. 406 more words

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MySolidWorks: new Dassault Systemes platform pushes 'manufacturing as a service'

When Dassault Systemes started signing up companies for a “manufacturing network” last year, it had one idea in mind: let software eat the assembly line. Or, at the very least, let software begin to shift the manufacturing industry from one focused solely on a final product to one that equally emphasizes quick design and prototyping services. 760 more words


3D scanning is coming to a smartphone near you

3D scanning, used to make models which could be manipulated on a PC or printed on a 3D printer, requiring sophisticated depth-sensing cameras.  These 3D cameras can be both very expensive and much larger than a regular camera sensor, both traditionally being barriers to bringing the technology to mobile in a more mainstream way. 231 more words


3D Printing honeymoon period

The 3D printing Honeymoon period is well underway and I’ve printed a couple of pieces which I found on Thingiverse.

  • S-Carabiner

The first one was a really excellent… 226 more words

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Tiny 3D-Printed Microbots Could Be Used As A Drug Delivery System

A team of nanoengineers has created a minuscule 3D-printed robotic fish – or microfish – that they hope will one day be used as a drug delivery system in the body. 44 more words