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Printed Iron Man Reactor Core

Printed in translucent PLA, electronics are two copper rings with 40 blue/white led’s soldered inside.  I stand by the quality of my solder skills, the part still works months later. 8 more words

3D Printing

3D Star Trek Chess

An attempt at recreating the prop from the show.  Gets some use while I wait for long prints to finish. 24 more words

3D Printing

Enable Raptor Hand Motor Modification

My attempt at adding electromechanical help to the design for independent control of the finger joints.  I tried 2 designs, first I used servos to control each finger individually but also experimented with a printed linear actuator and stepper motor driver.   61 more words

3D Printing

ABS Differential Gear

Printed using Cube trio printer at 200um in coral filament that doesn’t hold tolerance well.  Lots of sanding was required and the fits are still not satisfactory. 25 more words

3D Printing

ABS Spider Rover

Driven by a 220mm worm gear printed at 70um which was oriented vertically and took 4 hours to print.  The belt drive has inherent motor protection against burnout but severely limits the speed of the rover.   38 more words

3D Printing

ABS Vapor Polish Experiments

Results of acetone vapor polish method of ABS prints at 200 um resolution.  Procedure is to fill a tupperware with paper towels soaked with acetone, then seal and use printer hotplate at 35 C to evenly coat the print surfaces.   51 more words

3D Printing

Cutting the cord EPG - Hardware decisions

There are many programmable boards out there in the market place.  The Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone, Arduino with Wifi shield, etc.  But many of these seem a bit over the top for what I am trying to achieve.  254 more words