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The Hackaday Prize: An Open Electric Wheelchair

and feel that electric wheelchairs are still too expensive. On top of that, as each person’s needs are a little different, usually don’t exactly fit the problems a wheelchair user might face. 296 more words

The Hackaday Prize

Microstepping to the rescue!

I printed my original model and quickly became convinced it had a few significant design flaws. It would definitely work, but it could be much better. 247 more words

3D Printing

The 3d Status

We are not running short of role models at all. There is always someone worthwhile that comes along the way. Especially when we have people like Jordan French of Status Labs fame by our side; someone that can keep you inspired for a long time our coming generations will do fine. 261 more words

3D Printing

3D printing is revolutionizing roadways as well as airplanes

Much anticipation has been built around the future of the automotive and aerospace industries in the wake of recent advancements in 3D-printing technologies. But what’s often overlooked is the way 3D printing can also revolutionize the transportation infrastructure industry. 581 more words


Nathan R – Meet Octobot

As I mentioned in class, there are experiments with making robots that are more like animals in composition. This is Octobot, a 3D printed silicone and chemical robot, that has a form of lifelike-ness to it, but does not run on electricity. 49 more words

Press Fitting 3D Prints

I have been expanding my 3D printer experience this past month and have done a number of press fit parts.  The general principle is to take a piece of hardware, measure it, and print a hole in that shape that ranges between that exact size, to less than 0.01″ smaller.   129 more words

3D Printing