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These businesses have created a trend in 2015 and we believe they are there to create something big in 2016 as well:

1. 3 D Printing… 292 more words


The Unseen Art project which is being run by Helsinki-based designer Marc Dillon, is using 3D printing to give blind people the opportunity to experience classical art that many sighted people might take for granted. 152 more words


3D printer nozzle wars

I finally got around to trying the  0.75mm nozzle on my Metal Plus. It arrived before the holiday, but I didn’t have the time to make a custom wrench for it (the flats appear to be just a hair too far apart for the quarter-inch open-end wrench I got at the hardware store). 260 more words

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3D Printer in the works

After a friend on the internet has disappeared from the 3d printing website a month ago I decided to inventory the parts I have versus what I need to get and found the Wilson II  a very good design similar to the Mendelmax  which my friend and I were building. 161 more words

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3D printing an Arduino-controlled stepper motor

As a way to help teach others how stepper motors work, this Maker designed one of his own. 

Normal DC motors are fairly easy to use. 250 more words

Maker Movement

Print bed surface roundup

This time I will discuss the various print surfaces I have used and my experiences with them. Your results may differ. 1,297 more words

3D Printing

#King of the Nerds: His Ring

Nick and I are in the mix of planning a wedding for next fall sometime.  It will be here before you know it really.

Between now and then wedding bands need to be found.  98 more words