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New Hawg Trough Clip Design

I came up with a new Hawg Trough storage clip design for my Slayers motor mount yesterday which I think is going to work out great. 51 more words

Sticking it to the Man!

Well the weather man to be more accurate!

One thing that has always made me chuckle is the mystic art of weather forecasting. Despite huge super computers, satellites, weather stations and a whole host of other data sources mankind doesn’t seem to be able to get it right. 960 more words


3D Printing a Better Black and Tan, an Application of the Pythagoras Cup

The Black and Tan (or Half and Half in some countries) is a fascinating beverage, and an excellent demonstration of density stratification in fluids. ┬áRecently we have started to explore the possibility of using 3D printing to create a device that can make a Black and Tan by displacing a less dense beer with a denser one using a siphon rather than the… 884 more words

The fine print

So, in a moment of wild enthusiasm I went and ordered an Anycubic Photon! I’ve been looking to get into 3D printing for quite a while now, but it has always seemed like too much of a hassle: hours and hours of tinkering for results that have never quite matched my standards. 421 more words

3d Printing

Travis AFB Produces First Certified 3-D Printed Aircraft Parts

The 60th Maintenance Squadron is the first field unit in the U.S. Air Force to be certified with an industrial-sized 3D printer that is authorized to produce nonstructural aircraft parts. 560 more words


5 Things You Need To Know About 3D Printing Technology

Are you thinking about some unique process and tools to improve your design of a product prototype? The best way to make prototypes and improve product design procedure is 3D printing. 380 more words

3d Printing