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Indistinguishable Magic Moments (#IMM) #1

Indistinguishable Magic Moment #1. IMM is a series and you can read the little blurb about it here. They are usually short and sweet. Like this one. 6 more words


Link: "Skull Wars" on Kickstarter (3D-Printed Skulls of Star Wars Characters)

3DKitbash has created quite a few high-quality designs for 3D-printed toys and sculptures, including a whole range of creature skulls in their “Boneheads” series. 413 more words

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Water Quality Monitoring On Your Smartphone From UP Firm

LAKE LINDEN, Mich. — A biotech company in the Upper Peninsula is offering a portable, handheld device to test for agricultural nutrient runoff in soil and water for just $270. 294 more words


One pill to rule them all: 3D printing tech combines multiple drugs in a single pill

Remembering to take a pill once daily can be hard enough, but it gets particularly challenging when you have to take several doses throughout the day – especially if you’re taking multiple types of medication. 36 more words


Hasit Vibhakar | Is 3D Printed Titanium Fatally Flawed?

San Diego, CA – (M2 Presswire – May 24th, 2016) – Titanium has become a firm favorite for the medical and aerospace industries, but a worrying report from Carnegie Mellon University suggests that 3D printed titanium could be fatally flawed. 695 more words

Hasit Vibhakar

The World's First 3D-Printed Building Now Complete!

Months ago we brought you a few articles pertaining to the latest breakthrough technology, 3D-Printing. To no surprise, this innovative technology, which once could only print (create) small items, is now the same type of technology responsible for printing homes and now even buildings! 128 more words


This algorithm could make DNA origami as simple as 3D printing

If you want to print something a few inches tall, extruded plastic is a good medium. But when you need something at the nanometer scale, DNA is a better bet — but who has the time to design and assemble it base by base? 446 more words