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Advanced Art and 3D Printing with Cubify

September 2014 I wrote a proposal for a grant to acquire a 3D printer and scanner for my Advanced Art classes. It’s a medium that I think more of our students should leave high school having experience using. 55 more words

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 Thompson & Dundy's Luna Park: 3D Printed- new images

I’m out in Coney Island this week working in a shipping crate to bring my scanning rig to Bay Area Makerfaire but I had a few moments to snap some photos of my Luna Park installation. 54 more words

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Modelu first steps

It’s been a hectic time since the Missenden Spring weekend with not much time for modelling unfortunately.  On March 31st I officially finished work at my IT job and in effect officially started working self employed with Modelu.   577 more words

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A leírt szó ereje

Az írás az emberiség egyik legnagyszerűbb eredménye. Az, hogy az emberek íráson keresztül cserélik a gondolataikat, az mindenképpen kiemel minket planétánk élőlényei közül. Nagyon sok olyan tevékenység van, amelyet például az állatok is űznek a túlélés érdekében. 616 more words

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New Scan-A-Rama Marketing Banners

These just arrived in time for Tomorrow’s Makerfaire at the Newark Museum… Slick, huh?

3d Scanning

Add Depth to Your Selfie


Nanophotonic coherent imager (NCI) is so small it could fit in your current smartphone and add depth to your selfie..  546 more words


Your Childhood Is Saved: The Brontosaurus Is Officially A Dinosaur Again

The Brontosaurus is a dinosaur with a long, troubled history. Its status as an actual dinosaur, as opposed to just an offshoot of the Apatosaurus, has actually been disputed since the first fossils were uncovered. 237 more words