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World 3D Scanning Market Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2021

The 3D scanning is a process in which three-dimensional attributes of an object are captured along with information such as color and texture. This technology helps in saving time, cost and efforts during the manufacturing process and improves the quality of output. 827 more words


Details for rotating scan platform - person sitting in a chair

I would like to add more details for creating your own rotating scan platform to use with the David scanner. I built a rotating chair for a person to sit in while the David scanner collects 3D scans from multiple angles. 275 more words


About milestones...

I spent last week surveying the Slovenian segment of the itinerary. Now the definition of this part of the road is much more clear and I will be able to give you some updates in the next weeks. 38 more words


3D Scanning - Week 4

Important things to remember when 3D scanning:

  • You normally do not use the highest quality when scanning. The higher the quality, the longer it will take to stitch and register all the elements.
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Cheap(ish) Scanning at Home using a Microsoft® Kinect

It is accurate to say that everybody knows what a printer is – a device that puts information on paper. Fast-forward to the 21-century, and printers still have a place in the world. 1,262 more words


Science Fiction for the Middle Ages

Quasar Bosch

Note to Self:
  • Well known Hieronymus Bosch imagery texture mapped to an .obj file.

Securing Services With A 3d Printing Company

3D printing is now becoming the talk in town. Everyone is now getting portraits and models printed. Some are personal portraits while others are models of houses and projects intended to be established. 279 more words

3d Figure Printing