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Exploring 3D technologies at the BPMA

The last 12 months have been exciting for the Digital team here at the BPMA. Our Share Academy/London Museums Group funded project, From Vault to View… 483 more words

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3D printing FAQ

As the proud new owner of a printer and total 3D-printing newbie; I thought it would be a good idea to try and compile questions and problems I have come across into a sort of “Intro to 3D printing”. 3,466 more words


Client Guides For Surveying

I have found these two sites invaluable to help with an exercise I am carrying out. The initial data piece of the BIM puzzle. If information is to be enriched from the start to the end to the start again then it makes sense to have a look at how to correctly specify your survey data at the start of the process. 34 more words


A Work in Progress

I posted this piece the other day but made a lot of progress on it since so I’m posting an update. Inspired By Dreamland’s Creation as we other religious art historical works, this piece is sculpted on 3D scans and will be chopped into blocks, 3D printed and cast in glass during this year’s residency at… 41 more words

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Announcing The Great Fredini as a Recipient of Creative Glass Center of America's 2015 Artist Fellowship!

I’m pleased to announce that I have been selected as a 2015 Fellowship recipient at Wheaton Arts’ Creative Glass Center of America to pursue a body of work based on techniques I have been developing to cast glass from 3D printed positives. 133 more words

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Desktop printer and 3D scanner all in one?... cool!

Someone recently shared the link to this press release about a new desktop fdm 3d printer that uses a rotary table and has a 3d scanner incorporated into it. 23 more words

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Joseph Hillier

Joseph Hillier is a sculptor from Cornwall, UK. He specialised in sculpture on a fine art degree before travelling to New Orleans to attend a university on a scholarship, to learn more about making sculptures in metal. 535 more words