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Project 1: Pandora's Box

Pandora’s Box, printed and cut! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I didn’t have too many issues – the largest one being the scaling of the 3D models got a little messed up between C4D and the 3D printing software, so I’ll try reprinting. 213 more words

Sculpture Statement of Intent

Because are project had such a short run time we were not able to create all the sculptures we wanted or present them in the final way, which was what these dynamic drawings are for. 304 more words

Sculpture Animation

With my plaster casts of the Greek statue and the inspiration from Sherrie Levine I painted over my casts, first in white ti cover up any of the imperfections and dirt with came from the moulding process. 188 more words


Zoetropes were one of the first forms of animation created in the pre-film era and created the illusion of motion. The name comes from the Greek words meaning “life” and “turning” which translates as “wheel of life”, the invention began to increase in popularity in the early 18th century, first created by inventors such as ‘Simon Stampter’ and ‘Willaim Horner’. 170 more words

Female Clay Bust Process

After my smaller attempt of sculpting a female bust out of clay I wanted to push myself further and increase the scale I was working with. 350 more words

Manipulating Human Forms

After my research I realised this was the area I was most fascinated by, the idea of manipulating or dis-forming the human body which at first sounds like quite a horrific or gory concept however I want to create abstract visuals to replace to more gory visuals you would expect. 56 more words

Artist Research: Bruno Catalano

Catalano is a French sculpture who is most well known for his sculptured figures with sections missing or separated from the body, his work is very widely liked in 2004 one critic stated this about Catalano’s artwork which i really agreed with; “I find this part of his art history interesting how he created a negative flaw of his work into a positive”.  195 more words