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Foxy the Pirate

Foxy was a commission piece for a friend who wanted the animatronic Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy’s (A popular indie horror video game). Made in polymer clay and wire, about 6 inches tall. 73 more words

Man in action

My man is a basketball player, he was supposed to be shirtless with abs but the abs were unsuccessful so I decided to paint on the shirt, I chose number 16 because that is my birthday, the man was built with wire and then was wrapped over with tape. 336 more words

3D Sculpture

Fun Activity cardboard

Yasmine and I decided to show you the fun activity we did with cardboard when we were done with our summative project, it is a boring composition made of glue and old pieces of cardboard, it was just a fun experiment we tried to make.

3D Sculpture


My summative cardboard project consisted of a unique shape. It looked like the top of a house, it consists of triangles everywhere, little triangles cut out on the sides, a triangle cut out in the middle and lastly the whole thing is a triangle, a big triangle. 261 more words

3D Sculpture


Last year in 2015, I had a group exhibition for my thesis. Finally I had the chance to put photograph my 3D sculptures and put it up on my website.  63 more words


Clay summative project

After finishing my formative project, I accomplished the knoledge of doing a Box and a cylinder (seen below)

I prefered doing the box so I decided to do that for my summative project, however that boc would be bigger and of course cleaner, after cutting the slabs, placing them on the base, and sticking them with slip, I spent hours smoothening them out with the plastic ribs.  128 more words

3D Sculpture

Babak Golkar,Three-Dimensional Sculptural Pattern Forms

Architectural Pattern Contextual Research – Make Your Mark

The carpet skyscraper works of Iranian artist Babak Golkar draw a relationship between the two dimensional and three dimensional, architecture and art, and ultimately – the associations with the much-debated tension between east and west. 114 more words