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Here is a gun I made earlier, it took about 2-3 hours to make and texture, I’m going to try and improve the speed at which I make my models. 12 more words


Uv unwrapping sword and shield

In today’s lesson with Ben, we started to UV unwrap our sword and shield models and he gave us a powerpoint document with some tips and tricks on how to UV unwrap it was very helpful and it thought me a lot about how it works and what I should do to make sure it looks as best as it can. 105 more words


NextGen- Modelling: UV wrapping my cane sword

In today’s lesson we started to finally UV unwrap my cane sword which will allow me to be able to texture my model with complete precision in the future. 138 more words

Lived-In Review: The Aquis Hair Towel

* Microfiber towel designed to prevent damage from water
* Cuts drying time by up to 50%
* Preps hair for styling, reducing frizz and restoring shine… 661 more words