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Villainous Sculpt Progress

WIP screenshots of a character sculpt I’m working on for a lecturer.

Character design by Adam Horsepool. 12 more words


A comprehensive collection of 3D printing tricks - Part 1

I was really busy working on several other projects and many of them involved manufacturing a custom case. The method, I often choose for quick prototyping, is 3D printing and I have found that a lot of people seem to struggle with this technique and so I thought I would collect a few methods that worked well for me and others that didn’t. 1,060 more words


More Sculpts!

Two sculpts for two personal Look Dev projects!

Ones a musical boi, the other is a creepy gal.

Bo is from LISA, designed by Austin Jorgensen… 17 more words


Fan Sculpts!

Two fun sculpts I did based on two character designs I like!

Marie from Ed Edd N Eddy, created by Danny Antonucci

Satina, created by Hannah Daigle.