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Self-Portrait Revisited

The aim of this assignment is to revisit a previous submission and take it in a different direction or extend upon it. I chose to tackle the self-portrait assignment originally from the first four weeks of this unit. 652 more words

Final Major Project - second proposal

After the critics regarding my first proposal I managed to catch up with the lost work and made some changes into the look of my presentation. 380 more words


Final Major project - first proposal

The site

The proposed design represents an installation of moving screens with disturbing media projections…

The moving screens will like walls push/navigate the viewer through the interiors emphasizing uncomfortable feeling of being forced and experience the war… 1,505 more words


Dichotomy 1: The idea. Planning

The concept of internal and external is so immeasurable. The whole universe is part of “something”, the Earth is part of the universe, we are part of the Earth…Everything has its internal and external parts. 626 more words


Dichotomy 1 - Sketch models

As I said in my previous post the sketch models take enormous part of this project. They give me the clear vision of what I can do and how. 890 more words


No Moon Noon at Grandmother Tree 2015-05-18

Some 3D photos from a recent No Moon Noon Picnic Lunch in/on the Grandmother Tree, a pohutukawa tree in njnd af that is estimated to be around 500 years old. 136 more words


[Mind Vault] The "Is the apple on the table?" eye exam

Mind Vault: the place for storing weird, sometimes nonsensical memories for potential evaluation at a later time. À la Finn’s mental strategy from Adventure Time.  983 more words